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Friendster seems to be growing explosively. I can almost sit there and hit the reload button in my browser, and watch the number of people in my network increase. It’s grown by about 250 in about 5 hours today. Apparently I am connected through 4 degrees to Gwen Stefani (if we can take the entry at face value), along with nine other Gwens, none of whom are the Gwen I’m seeing. It would be interesting to see a map of the connections between people. I suggest that some people are major nodal points (one guy lists 676 friends, which is kind of unbelievable). I am apparently 4 degrees removed from Jack Black, by way of some guy who lists 881 friends. Zoinks!

No surprise that it’s already spawned Fiendster and Enemyster as parodies.


  1. Yes, well, I’m three degrees from Paula Poundstone who has moved to Austin and is looking for a date. As the Village Voice article explains, Friendster has been invaded by a few hundred hoax celebrity entries. Perhaps we should all join in the fun by using the “Suggest a Match” feature. Paula Poundstone with Idi Amin! Jack Black with Alf! In fact, I think I’ll suggest both of those right now and see what happens.

  2. Well, drat. It seems one must have a direct link to at least one of the matchees in order to suggest a match.

  3. I note that Paula Poundstone’s friends include David Hasselhoff (also in Austin, curiously), Billy Idol, and Bill Cosby.

  4. Wow, there’s finally something that’s a bigger waste of time than blogs!

  5. What, you’ve been holding your breath waiting? Does this mean you’re going to sign on?

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