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The domain-name registration was about to expire, so on a tip from Prentiss, I transferred the registration from the spooks at Network Solutions to Go Daddy. A stupid name, but for $7.75 instead of $35, I’ll put up with it.

Anything involving domain-name changes is always fraught with the potential for problems, and I was concerned when I saw what appeared to be a glitch in the making, so I called the Go Daddy domain-support line. A human being answered the phone on the first ring. Go back and re-read that sentence, and think about it for a moment. The guy was helpful and gave me relevant information. I’m sold.


  1. The exact thing happened to me with Go Daddy yesterday! I was registering a domain name for a friend and it wasn’t going through, so I called and a woman answered, no operater or anything, she answered and she could read me my information and put it all through manually. That’s support!

  2. Due to a small controversy surrounding my domain, I was forced to renew at NSI. I spent months trying unsuccessfully to get access to the management interface to my domain. Never could.

    When the lawsuit ended, I transferred to another registrar, and my troubles were over. I think it speaks volumes about Network Solutions customer service that they made it easier for me to take my business elsewhere than it was to keep it with them.

    Unfortunately, I still get their spam.

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