A tidbit for Movable Type users

If you’ve ever installed Movable Type, you may have wondered “Who is Melody Nelson, and why am I logging in as her?”. Either that, or you’re hipper than me and caught the reference immediately.

Now I know where it comes from:

Even so, Histoire De Melody Nelson sounds like no other record: when it was released, in 1971, it must have been right off the map. It’s a short album – 28 minutes – originally designed as a soundtrack to a teleplay: a dark story about a man’s obsession for a young girl, who becomes his lover, then dies. On the record, Melody Nelson is Gainsbourg’s muse – in real life, he named his publishing company after her. Birkin – gamine, with a shock of curly hair, in a wary-eyed fashion-shoot pose – stands in for her on the stunning sleeve.

and more or less why it’s there

If you want to judge me by my musical tastes, I’ll mention that I love French pop and standards, especially the music of Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall, Jacques Brel and the Little Sparrow herself.