Day: December 8, 2003

The importance of the definite article

If you are in Austin and want to order a pizza from The Parlor (which you should–they’re quite good), and you don’t know their number by heart, you may have occasion to look in the alphabetical listings of the SWB yellow pages. If so, do not look under the Ps, because it ain’t alphabetized there. Look under the Ts.

Is it any wonder SWB has such a rotten reputation?

And away we go

For some time, I’ve needed a new phone: the one I’ve got (a Sprint Touchpoint 1100, made by LG) has gotten beaten up enough that the battery no longer has a reliable connection to the main body, the result being that it turns itself off almost every time it gets jostled.

A recent item on Gizmodo pointed out that, between various rebates, Amazon is basically paying you $150 to take a phone off their hands (with purchase of new cellular service contract, of course). While I decided against that particular option, I found another, somewhat less generous offer to relieve them of a phone. This went along with T-Mobile service; after checking with Drew that T-Mobile didn’t suck distinctly harder than anyone else, I took the plunge.

The phone, a Sony Ericsson T610, should (I think) be here in a few days. It’s got all kinds of bells and whistles: Bluetooth, a camera, a Bluetooth headset included free (another special offer). Of course, I wound up also ordering a Bluetooth dongle for my Mac, so that I’d be able to copy data between the phone and my address book, which ate up a good chunk of the money Amazon is paying me to take the phone.