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Nastygram to T-Mobile

Following is the text of a letter I’m sending to T-Mobile

I recently signed up as a customer of T-Mobile, and was annoyed to discover that every time I receive voicemail, I also receive a text message from the network notifying me that I have voicemail (that is, I was annoyed after I overcame my initial confusion). A customer-service rep told me this is just the way it works, and there’s no way to turn it off. This isn’t a feature, it’s a bug. You should turn it off.

I was doubly annoyed when I received my first bill and learned that I am being billed 5¢ for each of those messages—which I don’t want in the first place.

My annoyance all the more acute because a neighborhood I visit regularly is so poorly covered by T-Mobile that phone calls often roll over to voice mail automatically. So we have a situation where I’m often out of reach because of shortcomings in your network, and I am paying extra for poor coverage.

You guys have me on the hook for one year, but so far, I’ve been less than impressed and will eagerly explore my options when my contract is ended.


  1. Adam, I have been a T-Mobile customer for five years. I have always gotten those text messages but have never been billed for them. I am so used to it that it’s not annoying, and I like being able to know how many voice mail messages I have before I call to check (the text message will update to tell me the score). T-Mobile needs to correct that shit, right away. There is no way you should be billed for it.

    I had a lot of luck with their email support, by the way.

  2. ive signed up for my second year but one thing i cant stand is that its practically impossible to contact them, i sent two e=mails for help and still dindt get a reply

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