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Memo to icon designers: Look. I get it. I’m on the Internet, and the whole world is all interconnected, and my computer is this global information nexus, and it’s cool. Do half my application icons need to remind me of this? My dock looks like a freaking warehouse full of UN flags.

These are all the globe-themed application icons I could find on my hard-drive in 3 minutes. There are a couple representing other planets as a bonus.


  1. lori

    Wow. Now that’s timing. I was just about to start working with a design firm on a company Christmas card. And what was my best idea for the graphic? A globe ornament. Oh well.

  2. davidnunez

    Oh wow! I almost pissed myself after seeing this post. Too funny and all too true!!! Thanks. Kind of reminds me of all the stylized swooshy stick-people of the dot-com era….

  3. dragonfly jenny

    Holy gratuitous globe-themed graphics, batman!

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