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Bad Education

Saw La Mala Educación. A story within a story within a story, which gets a little dizzying at points, but it works. A twisty-turny plot that, in a very abstract way, reminds me a little of The Sting. Gay sex. Pedophile Priests. A movie about movies (as is Almodóvar’s wont).


  1. How was the ending? Recent Almodovar movies have not had satisfying ends. They just kind of disappear and the plot trails off…

    My GAWWD. Your rotating image banners make me so drunky dopey.

  2. Well, not to give away the ending, but I’ll give away the ending, a little. I’d have to say the same is true here–it just kind of stops and shows cards “Juan wound up doing this. Padre Manolo wound up doing that.”

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