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Collaborative content and social awkwardness

I check in with Wikipedia every day, and try to be a good steward of the articles I’ve contributed to.

Wikipedia is a funny thing. It’s easy for two people of good intent to have very different ideas of what’s appropriate content, and to get into a fight over what belongs and what doesn’t. In situations like this, the “right” thing to do isn’t very clear-cut. In some situations though, there is a clear right and wrong. Commercial links and self-links are explicitly discouraged.

So it felt a little awkward for me today when I discovered someone I kinda-sorta know had inserted links to his own site in many articles. This is a little like cussing in church.

I reverted all his insertions.


  1. M1EK

    I added a link from a mention of a cousin of mine to her webpage (she didn’t and doesn’t know) – is that too close for comfort or acceptably disentangled?

  2. Adam Rice

    I think that’s perfectly cromulent.

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