After the storm

Split tree on Clarkson

Austin was hit by a severe storm, with baseball-sized hail and 80-mph winds, at about 12:30 AM on 15 May 2008.

We came through it OK. There are a few new dings in our car, there’s a small rip in the screen on our porch, and some of our tomato plants look pretty bedraggled, but no big deal. Power was out on our block for over 24 hours, something I’ve never seen before.

Many of the trees in our neighborhood have been very badly damaged. A neighboring house had every west-facing window broken. Oakwood Cemetery, which has many ancient trees, has been ravaged.

I’ve posted some photos of the storm’s aftermath around my neighborhood on flickr.

2 thoughts on “After the storm”

  1. 35th and Griffith, essentially Avenue F, and I lost 4 windows on the west side of the house, and a big chunk of a neighbor’s tree took out the car we had on loan from the car dealer. I had to drive it back down I-35 yesterday with no back window and an obvious crush job. Fun.

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