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Help out a friend

Pele, a fellow fire-performer and friend, is in the ICU after a fire-breathing accident. is accepting donations on her behalf to help cover her medical expenses.

Fire show

Sage, Zara, and Beru put on a typically excellent fire show at Elysium on Tuesday night. I was holding a towel, but Gwen got some pictures, which I’ve finally posted. The woman who got Sage started with firedancing was there, and it was pretty neat to meet her, as just about everyone in Austin who plays with fire was inspired by Sage, directly or indirectly.

I didn’t realize that it was also Fetish Night at Elysium that night, so there were a few chicks gadding about in skimpy vinyl outfits. Which is fine by me, although the “fetish show” they put on was barely worthy of the name.

Firenight in the tunnels

Another Tuesday, another firenight. Our status at our beloved usual location being somewhat up in the air, we met in the tunnels. I got a few pictures.


Last night was firenight, made extra-special by the fact that the Ringling Bros’ circus train crept past in the middle of it, which was excellent fodder for jokes. Everyone stopped and went to look at the elephants, camels, and Lipizzans. Kristen and Gwen (a different Gwen) both had their first burns, but I forgot my camera. Sage was there, her first firenight since she returned from New Zealand.

And tomorrow, Gwen and I are taking a road trip out west. We may see the McDonald Observatory, we may see the Marfa Lights. Here’s what my Texas road atlas has to say about the Marfa Lights: “These mysterious lights, first reported by settlers in the 1880s, have still not been adequately unexplained.”

firenight photos

Stopped by the opening of an exhibition of art by ACC students, where my friend John had a piece showing. Bumped into several familiar faces there.

Proceeded from there to firenight. Because it was Goddess Night at our usual hangout, we met at the tunnels under MoPac, where they have the hippie full-moon drum circles. Despite the lack of amenities, it was a fun place to spin fire–we got down inside the tunnels to spin, which resulted in some interesting shots. I didn’t bring my tripod this time, but still managed. John made his way there, late (after going from his art opening to his blacksmithing class). Things wrapped up a little after 11:00, and John, Bob, Bean and I stopped by the nearby Magnolia Cafe for some late-night snacks.

Perils of choreography

So tonight, I got together with Andrew to work on choreography for a synchro routine that he and I will be doing in an upcoming show.

I had mapped out all the moves in meticulous detail, with cues showing which measure the moves came in at. Or so I thought. For one thing, I was counting half-time for about the first two minutes of the song, and then started counting on the beat. So my metrical counts are really screwed up, and we wound up spending about half an hour working out how I had intended it. Plus I had a few counting errors apart from that.

But even if all that stuff were perfect, there was still a layer of detail I hadn’t reached–figuring out which direction move A needs to start on in order to set up move B correctly, and that sort of thing. Being able to enter and exit a move in synch with the other guy. Doing the same move the same way, knowing exactly where each hand is going to be when exiting a move. This is a real learning experience.

Firedancers get in free

A local bar has a night where firedancers can get in free, on the assumption they’ll provide some free entertainment, and I went last night. While I have mixed feelings (to put it mildly) about this “perform for free” thing, most of the people there were other fire-folks or their friends, so it had more the feeling of a community gathering. Got in one good burn and one pretty good burn myself.

firenight: scary moment

Another Tuesday, another firenight. For the first time ever, I got tangled badly enough that I had to have my safety person put my wicks out–in a behind-the-back move, my right chain got looped around my left wrist and I couldn’t shake it loose. Somewhat amazingly, I didn’t get burned (at least, not in that incident). My other two sets were OK, though, and I tried the 5-beat btb weave for the first time with fire. That went pretty well.

The finger-wand design process

This morning, I shipped off a set of fire gauntlets to a customer. It’s a funny thing: in my fire-gear business, finger wands (which are sisters to fire gauntlets) have not been my most popular item, but have occupied an inordinate amount of my attention. I think I’ve gone through something like 9 design revs on them, if you count major and minor changes. Getting a drill press was a real breakthrough, as it allowed me to use tubing instead of wiring, and I like tubing much better. These fire-gauntlets, though, they’re the first finger-wands (or wand-like product) that I’m really happy with. I can imagine improvements, yes, but this set really balanced competing demands pretty well.

Cold and quiet at firenight

Tuesday, so it’s firenight at Cafe Mundi again (no pictures). It was really cold and windy. Not many people showed. Me, Thomas, David, and Rita. “Het-man” stopped by, decked out in tails and glittery pants. Rita left without lighting up, and Sage appeared. We managed to get a few burns in, and then called it quits. I couldn’t get warmed up enough to really get comfortable, no matter what. A newcomer to twirling, Penina, stopped by briefly.

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