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Page One

The news business in a changing world.

The comment gardener

With facebook and twitter and tumblr and flickr and blogs and instagram and forms of online communication I haven’t even heard of, people wind up cultivating their social networks like gardens. Or, perhaps more aptly, their Farmville plots. This suggests a new sort of online game, where instead of tending a farm, you’re tending a […]

Hard Better Faster Stronger is live

Come and get it.

Theme updated

Only a little has changed on the surface, but a lot underneath

Blog theme updated

I’ve finally finished the new theme for my blog.

Wooly WordPress

Wordpress is a mess on the inside

Sneak Preview

Blog redesign to better showcase confederated content

pardon the mess

Upgrading WP to version 2.1.2. I’d made some hacks to the core code in the old version I was running in order to get my theme to work. I’ve got to use an orthodox theme until I get all that stuff working right again.

Switching to WordPress

I’d been using Movable Type for years, but had grown disenchanted with their dual-architecture of Perl+PHP. And I guess my life just wasn’t complicated enough. And I had the general sense that the Mandate of Heaven had shifted towards WordPress, so I’m using that now. Making this page look as much like my old page […]

Big time

Austin Bloggers are big enough to exploit