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Showing lots of options in Contact Form 7

Using CSS to impose order on long lists.

Islands vs Continents

Self-hosted websites need bridges to compete with big destination websites.


Tickling the hindbrain to get free labor.

Twitter’s dickbar

evidence of a shift away from participation toward spectation

Department of redundancy department

This web form asks me for information that it’s telling me.

Search tip

A couple of nights ago, Gwen used the phrase “Googling for something on America’s Test Kitchen” instead of “searching for…”, which just reinforces that Google has become a synonym for search. Google search results are often polluted by irrelevant links to commercial websites like bizrate and dealtime, though. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were […]

Standards, schmandards

Microsoft, being Microsoft

Austin Broadband Information Center

A clearinghouse of information on broadband in Austin and volume caps is now online. Kudos to Chip Rosenthal.

URLs that would be really annoying to give out over the phone

They hate us

American consumers are getting screwed over by telecommunications carriers.