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Book Review: Is That a Fish in Your Ear?

Light, mile-high view of translation for non-translators.


Tickling the hindbrain to get free labor.

The most unusual dictionary I own

Back before every translator worth his salt had an always-on, high-speed Internet connection, we had to be more self-reliant in the way of reference sources. So we bought dictionaries. Lots of dictionaries. When I lived in Japan, I’d stop in Jimbocho at least once a month. There was a used bookstore that specialized in technical […]

Finding translations

A follow-up to Wil Shipley’s post from the other side of the localization fence.

The machinery of intermediaries

When an intermediary gets involved after the fact.


how many ways can you punctuate two words?

Finally, something I can point to

I rarely get a chance to point out my work with pride, so I’m taking the opportunity.

My gripes about translation memory

What I want from a translation tool

Unreasonable expectations

they seem to be getting especially outlandish

Characters per word

My rule of thumb may need revising