Fun with logos

I was goofing around in Adobe Illustrator and produced the following. Click through to download vector PDFs. I might put these up on an on-demand T-shirt site.

The first two are, of course, based on Campagnolo logos. The second one reads “Brevetti Internazionale” (International Patents) in the original; here, it says the same thing in Japanese. The first one reads “Prodotti Speciali” (Special or Specialized Products). Spreading the Japanese text for that between the top and bottom would look a bit plain, so the top half is the equivalent in Japanese, and the bottom half is “International Patents” in Japanese. The third is based on the “STP” logo.

Shimano logo in the style of the Campagnolo oval

'Shimano' rendered in the style of the Campagnolo logo

'HTFU' in the style of the SRAM logo

'Ride Lots' in the style of the old Eddy Merckx logo