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Showing lots of options in Contact Form 7

Using CSS to impose order on long lists.

Building the Flipside Ticket Exchange for 2012

Making Wordpress do things it wasn’t meant to do.

Hard Better Faster Stronger is live

Come and get it.

Theme updated

Only a little has changed on the surface, but a lot underneath

Blog theme updated

I’ve finally finished the new theme for my blog.

Wooly WordPress

Wordpress is a mess on the inside

Switching to WordPress

I’d been using Movable Type for years, but had grown disenchanted with their dual-architecture of Perl+PHP. And I guess my life just wasn’t complicated enough. And I had the general sense that the Mandate of Heaven had shifted towards WordPress, so I’m using that now. Making this page look as much like my old page […]

Old blog, new domain

crossroads is now 8stars