2 thoughts on “Made it safely through the Yuha Desert, now in Blythe.

  1. Lisa

    Hey Adam! Glad to hear things are going well. Turn the camera around and show us a picture of your dirty, happy face! Or maybe it’s your dirty, exhausted face.

    Say, your stats say your top speed was 179 mph? And your average was 12? Are there G-forces at that speed?

    Ha ha, just giving you a hard time cuz I know you like to geek out on this stuff. We’re comfortably eating ice cream as we sit here and judge the validity of your efforts. 😉


    Lisa and Lee

  2. Lisa

    Oh, since you missed the 310 to Yuma, let us know if you need a place to stay in Phoenix – Lee’s sister lives in Chandler. Also Ilene and Greg are so close! I’m so tempted to tell Greg about your trip because he’ll want to join you for a bit since he’s a big cyclist. They could just hold up the new baby Liana as you whiz by…

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