Technical-writing services
Technical precision, expressive verve.

Public-facing documentation

In order to be useful, technical documents need to be written in direct, vivid, and well-structured language, to help people get on with a task, not get to sleep. I will convey the intent and details of your raw material in a style appropriate to the subject matter that is accessible to the reader.

Internal documentation

A company's institutional knowledge is all too often trapped in the heads of its people, who are too busy doing their jobs to write down how they do their jobs. When one person moves on, their knowledge moves with them. When a project push is over, what had been front-of-mind gradually recedes into the background, or is left scattered over dozens of e-mail threads.

I can extract and organize that knowledge, compile it into usable documentation, and work with you to develop a documentation strategy will help your company continue to focus on what it does best while leaving you with quick access to your existing store of knowledge; documenting internal processes can also be the first step toward toward improving them.

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