November 16, 2001

Big rain bigger than I knew

You know the saying “God loves fools”? Guess it suits me. Turns out that while I was dropping Sage off at I-35 and 38th, a funnel cloud was touching down nearby, at I-35 and MLK (and was headed towards us). No wonder the driving seemed so dicey. I don’t know of anyone who got hurt, though a lot of people lost power.



One of the consequences of a heavy rainstorm this time of year is a nut-storm. There are three big pecan trees on my property, and this year, they were heavily laden with nuts. Not anymore. They mostly got knocked off by the incredible rainstorm we had last night. My back deck was so covered with nuts this morning that I had to thread my way across it lest I crush several nuts with each step. Just gathering up nuts that were in the way of foot-traffic, I filled half a shopping bag. That’s a lot of nuts.

What’s really weird is the distribution of nuts in the backyard. Have you ever walked by a creek that had risen and then subsided, leaving a line of debris where it was highest? That’s what it was like in my yard: there was a ring with an unbelievably high concentration of nuts around the yard; in the middle of the yard, which is a little lower, not so many nuts. Makes it easier to gather ’em up.