June 2, 2002

Crablike spiny orb weaver

I’ve got a crablike spiny orb-weaver living in my front yard. I’ve long been interested in spiders, and this is certainly an interesting kind of spider. He/she builds a new web every day, and the webs are pretty big–a few feet across.

I’ve also got a bunch of wolf spiders that hang around the house.

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About a Boy

Went and saw About a Boy at Alamo North with Gwen last night. Good movie. Recalls some of the spirit of that last Nick Hornby-derived movie I saw, High Fidelity, both being what you might call “adult male coming-of-age stories.” Despite being more feckless, rootless, and alone, Hugh Grant’s character Will in About a Boy is in some ways more in touch with reality and has a better grasp of other human beings than John Cusack’s Rob in High Fidelity. High Fidelity was funnier, mostly because it has Jack Black in it.

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