July 29, 2002

Riding the waves

While I know that none of my friends with full-time jobs, whether they’re at startups or blue-chip multinationals, have much sense of job security anymore, there’s still something weird about freelancing.

The past two weeks I had almost no work, which is damned alarming, you can bet. Today I am sitting on about 24,000 words worth of work. That’s a fair amount—probably $3500 in two weeks.

Go figure.

Shorty Long

Went to see Shorty Long again last night. They’re fantastic. No, it’s not enough that they have a seven-foot-tall nose-flute player, he stands up, sways rhythmically, and makes funny faces while playing it. And the music…Where do they hunt down stuff like “Flaming Ukulele in the Sky”?