Wisdom teeth out

In a ten-minute procedure this morning, I was relieved of my three wisdom teeth and about $1300. The procedure was not painful, but it was unpleasant: I was very anxious through the whole thing, and apparently was ashen by the end of it, as the doctor was concerned about me and wouldn’t let me get up until my color returned. I did this under a local anesthetic, which was supposed to last for about four hours. Right now, about three hours have passed and it’s wearing off (I’ve already taken a happy-pill, but it’s not doing much good yet). One of the extraction sites is still bleeding and that whole side of the mouth hurts, even though it’s also peculiarly numb. Also peculiar is how perfectly the numbness bifurcates my mouth. My bite feels very strange–I wonder if my teeth are re-aligning themselves or if this is an artifact of the swelling and the fact that I had gauze in my mouth for hours.

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  1. Bummer.

    I had three wisdom teeth out about a year and a half ago. It wasn’t any fun, but I was pretty much over it in about an hour or two.

    I mentioned this on the phone to a Japanese woman at an agency I worked for, and she expressed disbelief–she had several wisdom teeth out, and felt nauseous for a week.

    I hope your experience is more like mine than like hers.

  2. No nausea so far. One of the extraction sites is almost pain-free right now. The other two are still fairly painful, and that’s with the happy pills. The doctor told me to expect swelling for three days, which I assume will be accompanied by some pain.

    There was about one hour of pretty severe pain before the happy pill (generic Lortab) kicked in but after the local anesthesia began wearing off. I could feel it in my sinuses up to my right eye, and could hear sounds that I speculate are the remaining teeth re-adjusting their positions in the absence of the top-right wisdom tooth pressing against them.

    The bleeding is mostly under control now.

  3. Once after receiving local anaesthetic for a dental procedure I learned after it wore off that I had been chewing on my tongue for three hours. Ow.

    Another time I went in for a routine filling and somebody got a little overzealous with the anaesthetic, so I ended up going to a family reunion unable to speak intelligibly and with a tendency to drool.

  4. TEN MINUTES?!? Wow! When I had my wisdom teeth pulled (about 8 years ago), the procedure, for two teeth, took an hour and a half! Under local anesthesia… Doctor literally told me to grunt and scream when it was a little too “uncomfortable…” Feel better and remember: Milkshakes are your friend.

  5. P–At that reunion, did a family member shepherd you around and say “This is Prentiss, we’re so proud of him. You made a birdhouse at the home, didn’t you Prentiss?”?

    J–I chose local over general anesthesia.

  6. Wow … I must have been lucky. I had one done a couple of years ago. It was nothing. And I am the world’s biggest wussy when it comes to dental procedures. I’m sure it’s listed in the Guiness Book of World Records.

  7. About 5 years ago, I too had four wisdom teeth removed. My penchant for the grotesque demanded of the dental surgeon that my wisdom teeth be preserved. I suppose I was going to set up a shrine or something.

    I have no recollection of the following, but it was conveyed to me by my girlfriend at the time and confirmed by the nurse at the dental surgeon’s when I went back for a check-up appointment. Apparently when I came out of the anesthesia, I was extremely confused. The nurse told me that they had forgotten to keep my wisdom teeth, and that they had instead thrown them into a wastebasket with a bunch of other teeth. I asked if I could retrieve them, and she said there were too many teeth in the basket, that I’d never be able to find them, and that I’m not allowed to look in there anyway.

    I’m told my response was, “I know which ones are mine. And if I can’t find them I’ll try them all until I find the ones that fit!”

    Good thing wisdom teeth only come in once.

  8. heh, found ya on Google looking for other ppl who had general anesthesia when getting wisdom teeth out. Wanted to know how it worked.

    I’m glad your surgery wasn’t all that bad. Mine was nothing, really. The chewing on gauze for 3 hours was annoying as hell though. Now I’ve got a few days to see whether or not I’ll get dry sockets; i’m hoping for no.

  9. I had my wisdom teeth removed yesturday around 3pm. I had pain for a total of one hour and the pain killer medication never kicked in. When the Doc called to check up on me he told my mother to give me advil and sure enough, pain went bye-bye!!! They drugged me up so much that the pain killer wasn’t going to work. And I never passed out during surgery…they kept drugging and drugging me and nothing. It’s about 24 hours now since surgery and I am in no pain, bleeding has finally stopped and my bottom left lip and chin area is still numb. I’m a little worried about that but we just called the doctor and he said this is normal. Overall the experience was not as bad as I thought it would be. For me, the first few days of braces was far more worse than this.

  10. I’m getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and I’m very nervous. It seems like for some people it’s no big deal, and for others it’s a week of hell. I really hope I recover quickly.

  11. i just got my wisdom teeth out the day before yesturday. i’m only fourteen, they said that it was really young to get them out, and they thought that i might only go through with getting one out. but i got all four. it took about an hour to get them all out, it didnt hurt to bad after ward just guaze was annoying, man my face is like a ballooon tho…

  12. Well I just got my wisdom teeth out 4 days ago. I really thought I was going to die and told the oral surgeon that I signed my life away and that he could kill me, but I am currently alive and all has been progressing well. I was initially only going to have 1 tooth taken off but them wham all 4. It wasn’t bad at all. The novacaine and laughing gas helped a lot. I barely felt any pain afterwards only one burst of pain where I yelled at my mom and started crying because she was the one who wanted all 4 of them out. Definately bring ice with you and immediately put it on to prevent swelling. It makes the experience more liveable. Also eat or else you’ll experience severe nausea. With that said you’ll be fine and dandy :)

  13. WEll i just got my wisdom taken out Sept 6, 2004. The thought of keeping all four of my wisdom grossed me out I looked at them . The whole operation was painful. Like i had local anthesia man 10 shots. The last hurt always make a fist when they doing somthing painful helps dim the pain. I was planning to have two out but instead 4 i felt like the procedure would never end. The first tooth was the hardest one. Pull pUll Stop Realli PUll PUll Stop think PUlll PULL PULL! Pop whoa! Then Pull Pull then its like someone is chizelling my bone kind of pain. Make fist then i think of the girl i love!. She is talking to me pain is dimmed. Keep telling myself its going to end soon. It does even the doctor was seeing what he was doing and kept asking if it hurts real bad tell me. I could even make a noise cuz of the gauze and the pulling. Hey one part is the gauze in your mouth to prevent any pieces to fall down your throat. THat scared me. Right now i feel a small amount of pain remember to keep occupied, Takes away the thoughts ofpain.

  14. I just got my two of my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday, I guess it wasn’t too bad. The worst part of it was the anaesthetic needles, they hurt pretty bad, I thought it would be jsut one, but no, the needles just kept coming, I got about 4-5. Also, the sound effects were pretty bad, I could hear my gums being cut into and the teeth being yanked out, they should really provide ear plugs or something.

  15. I just had my wisdom teeth out yesterday at age 26. The operation was a piece of cake. I didn’t go under, just had novicaine that lasted for 8 hours after surgery. I have a low threshold for pain. I had two bottom teeth removed that were impacted. Each tooth took 5 minutes to remove. On the second day, I am experiecing practically no pain at all, just using ibuprofen. I haven’t had to use the fancy drugs they gave me. So far it’s been a breeze. Much easier then I thought it would be.

  16. I was convinced getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once wouldn’t be nearly as difficult as giving birth to a child. And, well, for the most part it wasn’t. It’s been about 4 hours since the procedure and I’m still pretty numb. Other than unsightly drool, I haven’t had any negative after affects. I was given local anesthesia (around 8 shots) which was the most painful part of the procedure. I was a 25 year old woman in a dentist’s chair fighting back tears. Yes, the sounds of the instruments pulling at the teeth are quite grueling. Keep your eyes closed, your hands clamped, and remain positive if you’re planning on getting yours removed and everything will be fine. I’m alittle worried about tomorrow and how I’ll feel then. I won’t be taking the Demerol I was prescribed since I’m currently breastfeeding. Hopefully IB Motrin will suffice. Excruciating pain or not, either way, I’m sure I’ll have no regrets for getting all 4 removed.

  17. I just had the top two out today. I got a needle upper right, a needle upper left and 2 needles in the roof of my mouth which made me think I was swallowing my tounge everytime I swallowed. The first tooth took about 5 seconds, no joke. The surgeon basically fiddled with it for about 5 seconds and said “Well that’s done, let’s move on to the next one.” The other tooth wasn’t so easy though and took about 5 minutes to DIG it out and it hurts like hell now. He gave me a stitch and a prescription for tylenol 3. the first one doesn’t hurt in the least right now but I can feel the second one throbbing like crazy and it’s been 3 hours since they left my gums. I know it’s gonna hurt like crazy tonight and tomorrow but I heal fast and I’m gonna keep saying that to myself. It helps if you don’t smoke!

  18. I had my wisdom teeth out twenty-one years ago. I remember shiny metal tools and a dentist with a silky touch with the novocaine needle. Never felt a thing. Until about 4 hours later.

    I kept my wisdom teeth after they were removed. Apparently, they don’t let you anymore. I keep them in a medicine cabinet. It is a fairly substantial collection of ivory that sits in a 35mm film canister, waiting for me to make jewelry from it.

    Adam once confided to me that keeping his wisdom teeth were necessary to keep the various aspects of his intelligence in concert.

    Now, he’s just dumb like us.

    I still have my teeth.

  19. Had all 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday, went under general anesthesia, was told it took about 90 minutes to remove all 4.

    Top two were already cracked and the bottom 2 had to be dug out. I remember very little (I woke up a few times when the dentist was using a hammer and chisel to break the teeth for extraction), but passed out quickly. Oddest part was being strapped into the chair and tilted back, head down at a 45 degree angle.

    Woke up extremely confused and remember only a few flashes of the 45 minute drive home (no, I didn’t do the driving).

    Have a mouth full of stitches, couldn’t talk at all the first day (yesterday) but talk fine now and have had no real pain – minor ‘discomfort’ at best.

    Was quite nervous before the surgery, to be honest, for no reason.

    For others about to undergo the surgery, I would recommend general anesthesia. You’ll only get one shot that you’ll remember (the I.V.) and you’ll be unconscious during the gruesome parts when they may have to break your teeth to get them out.

    If you haven’t gone through it yet, it’s really not that bad (IF YOU’RE ASLEEP!)

  20. just got one out (top right) about 2 hours ago.. the whole procedure took about 20 seconds! most of the time at the office was just waiting for the lidocaine to kick in..

    i had the two bottom ones taken out two years ago- which was a much more painful ordeal. lots of tooth splintering and blood spattering.. those were already impacted.

    the top one had just poked through and wasn’t impacted yet- a quick yank it and it was out! i’m currently sucking on some gauze, but my advice is to get out your wisdom teeth earlier rather than later, if there’s a chance that they’ll get impacted!

  21. Hey Everyone, this site is cool… I’m getting my wisdom teeth out in 2 days and to be honest I’m a little nervous. My best friend had hers out 2 months ago and it was 2 weeks of hell for her. They put her under, and I’m just getting mine done with local. I’m not as much of a baby when it comes to pain as her, so hopefully it will be a piece of cake. Wish me luck!

  22. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out on the 11th of feb this year and am still not back at work! They were removed under a general anasthetic and everything appeared to be fine, except 2 days after the surgery I awoke in absolute agony and one side had swelled to twice the size it was originally. I had somehow contracted an infection and have never experienced pain like it, and I’ve had a broken leg and ankle! I am still unable to eat solid food over a week later tho the pain is subsiding a bit now!

    I honestly hope no-one else has the same traumatic experience as me!

  23. Im getting mine taken out on February the 19th. Im only thirteen. Nervous. Frightened. :( Wish me luck.

  24. Shit… I’m having mine taken out tommorrow and I’m 14, this is gonna suck, huh?

    Cause they haven’t fully came in yet but my doctor wants them out cause they are causing headaches.


  25. im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and i have 6 of them!!! dont ask how.. i guess im just lucky!..well im real nervious because i have never been put out before luckily i am getting gased then being put out.. well wish me luck

  26. Damn it reading all this made me more nervous than before lol… I hate all surgory!!! Im going under general, and this is happening tommorow! But i’ve heard heaps of bad storys that is making it all worse… I guess i get freaked out easy when it comes to hospital shit.

  27. Well, I got mine out on March 21st, only the bottom 2. I had never even had a cavity before, so the numbing my mouth was crazy. I was so afraid, but it turns out that I was laughing the whole time. The only gross part is when you can hear your teeth cracking as they yank them out, but no worries! Its kinda fun. The procedure only took about 20 minutes, and I went right home and ate a chocolate milkshake an hour later! They gave me Vikoden for pain, which really didnt work, even when i took 2, plus about 5 ibeuprofin, but my wounds didnt hurt too much!

    My teeth moved back where they were supposed to be within 3 hours, so my stiches were then on my cheeks, which was kind of strange.

    Today I went to the dentist because my left side swelled up… which is strange because my face didnt swell at all after the procedure. It turns out I had a dry socket, and they packed the socket with some really soothing stuff, and I am pain free! Unfortunately I have solo and ensamble tomorrow, I have 3 saxophone events and 2 vocal events. Luckily I cannot feel my sockets! Good Luck everyone who is getting theirs out!

  28. For everyone who has impacted wisdom teeth:

    Definately get General Anesthesia! It is expensive, but it’s the best $250 you will ever spend! I don’t think I could endure the trauma of watching the oral surgeon cut my gums open, crack the teeth into pieces, extract the pieces one by one, and then sew the wounds shut.

  29. Hi all,

    Like others here, I found this site while Googling for information on getting your wisdom teeth taken out.

    This monday I will be going to an orientation/meeting with the orthosurgeon to discuss payment, procedure, etc.

    I like to check the Internet for some background information first.. I’m extremely nervous!

    I’m going to be getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out, and I’m not one who can take pain easily. I’ve never had a cavity or anything, so I don’t know what it’s like to be put under, or even have novocaine. The thought of getting a needle put into my gums isn’t exactly pleasant to me.

    I did have braces when I was younger, and that hurt a lot for about 2 weeks after…

    I’d like to get the General Anesthicietaetinic, but don’t know if I can afford it (I have no cash).

    Quite worried about all this.

  30. I am 18 years old and I am having my wisdom teeth out in the next two weeks. I am so scared.

  31. Hi,

    I’m 25 and had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted day before yesterday. I chose to have IV sedation, which I think was a wonderful choice to make. I had never been put to sleep before so that was the part that worried me the most. They gave me laughing gas first to calm me down and then put the IV in my hand (couldn’t feel it…tingly from the gas). They put 2 shots of stuff in the IV and then told me that they were about to give me the good stuff and I wouldn’t remember anything else. Well, they were right. I saw the shot of yellow stuff heading for my IV tube and the next thing I knew, I was walking up the steps at my house. I don’t remember leaving the office, getting in the car, or the ride home. Its actually quite funny.

    The pain hasn’t been bad at all for me. More than anything, my jaw is sore. The top tooth they just pulled and the bottom one was impacted so I have stitches. I only had to keep the gauze in my mouth for about 2 hours. I’ve had a little bit of swelling, but I think its mostly from the novicaine shots. I have Lortab for pain, but have only taken 2 of them.

    It really hasn’t been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Honestly, I had a tooth filled without novicaine and that hurt much worse! Just hope I don’t get dry sockets!


  32. Wow..im getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday. Boy am I scared. Im going under general anesthesia, so ill be tottally asleep. im getting all 4 out, and they are all still under the gumm..yipee. Hope when i wake up it doesnt hurt too bad!

  33. I had my wisdom teeth removed and let me tell you, be afraid…be very very afraid. I went under General Anesthesia and I kept waking up in the middle of the surgery, with no pain killers or anything…I was screaming as he pulled out the teeth in front of the Wisdom Teeth by accident. He said “Oh Fuck” and jammed another IV in the other arm until I went under again. When I woke up I was missing 8 teeth and I had a hole through the left cheek where the drill slipped off and went through my cheek. He kept saying “Oh God Im sorry”, but I was totally out of it and when he told me to wait in the lobby for my ride, I slipped and broke three ribs. I started puking cause of the pain and boy did the puke burn the empty sockets in the gums. It was a real scary experiance but I plan of just putting ice on them and praying this is all just a bad dream. Good luck with yours!

  34. Oh god, my wisdom teeth are coming through and i’m scared just reading ur stories. :o(

  35. Hi everyone!

    I found this from surfing the net. I just came back from a consultation appointment with a dentist about getting my wisdom teeth pulled. It’s going to cost about $1,130 after insurance. (This is for 4 teeth and general anesthesia) Just curious if this is in the normal price range? Seems really expensive… (especially for a college student like myself)


    ~ Katie

  36. well that might sound high but how much dose your insurance cover mine cover 80% for that kind of work it just all depends on your insurance and how much it will cover. and just a side note i have to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out in january i am 15 just want to wait till my insurance renews so i can get it done with out much cost to me other wise i would get them out this summer

  37. Thanks for your reply!

    Mine covers only 60% of currently available insurance… so it only covers about $500 (the total fees amount to about $1600)

    I just wanted to make sure that it’s not a scam or anything, if you know what I mean… = )

    Thanks again!

    ~ Katie

  38. im getting my wisdom teeth out (all 4) in about 2 weeks, so i thought id look around on the internet and scare myself to death. im even more terrified now than i was, but somehow i feel better… im getting iv anethesia which im happy about, i have a very high pain tolerance…but i still forsee myself crying for at least a few hours afterwards…more from being scared and it being over than anything… i had to sign all these papers saying i understood that i could die….and its gonna cost about 1450 before insurance which is 80% covered…but for some reason i still have to pay 50% of the cost the day of the surgery…luckily- im 19 and my mom is going to pay it :) shes not too happy about it though, trying to make me get like no anesthesia and take tylenol instead of filling the expensive vicodin prescription….ive never had surgery before- thats what scares me the most but my doctor said she hasnt had any of the problems with wisdom teeth in her patients, and she came highly recommended by friends of my family…im also worried cuz i smoke, and im supposed to just stop smoking for two weeks after the surgery….when i just KNOW that im going to want to smoke even more than usual because of the pain and stress of it all…plus i can only take off one day of work, and i work with people all day, im going to be drooling in their faces…

    whatever- at least it will eventually be over.

    hoping the one tooth doesnt paralyze my lip…and that my cheekbones will look better and thinner once the swelling goes down…muhahaha

  39. Its so nice having Google :

    Lets see I’m 22 and I’m having 3 wisdom teeth (thats all i have ) pulled in a few hours….I have no insurance and its only costing me $715, plus the $100 office visit for the x-rays. I’ve never had any cavities or anything so I wanted to do some research about getting put under with the general an…… yeah however u spell it. This site has helped answer alot of my questions, late.

  40. hey,

    im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and im freaked out!!! im just worried about swelling and getting sick rite after…does neone have ne tips on speeding up the recovery process? im scared now!!! help!

  41. haha i’m 18 and i went to the dentist just last week. He said that i’ll never have wisdom teeth! woohooo … suckers…

  42. hey!

    im done, and it went great! im sooo glad. its not nearly as bad as i thought….to tell you the truth i was laughing as he gave me the iv general anstethia and laughed when i woke up seemingly 5 seconds later. the weird part was i could hear the people talkin while they worked and i woke up once…i didn’t feel ne thing tho. it was kinda kewl. the only problem now is my bottom lip is completley numb…for those of you getting your teeth out…its not bad at all!!!!! just take a deep breath and you will get through it,,,trust me…luv ya guyz!!

  43. I am 32 yrs old and I just got my wisdom teeth out on Aug 3rd. I highly recomend going under. I didnt remember anything and I felt no pain. I felt a little loopy when I woke though. My Dad drove me home where the rest of the day I popped Vicotin and changed many gauzes in my mouth. It is Aug 5th now and I dont really have any swelling. All my friends say I am lucky that I didnt have alot of pain, I guess it matters what kind of experienced doctor you get. Though my diet consists of pudding and tomato soup, I cant wait to sink my teeth into a thick burger in about a week :)

  44. I’m 25 and had all 4 (impacted) wisdom teeth removed 4 days ago. I can relate to being scared… I started crying as soon as I got in the dentist’s chair! All the worrying is worse than the actual experience. So if you’re full of worry right now, just keep in mind that it’s all downhill from here. You’ll be fine. :) And if you get sick of milkshakes and pudding, baby food makes you think you’re eating actual REAL food. kinda.

  45. Katrina Welches

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I’m supposed to be getting my wisdom teeth taken out later on today. (all 4) What if they dont put me to sleep? Will i survive? Im not good with pain either! OH BOY!! Can someone reassure me that everything is gonna be okay?

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