Wisdom teeth out

In a ten-minute procedure this morning, I was relieved of my three wisdom teeth and about $1300. The procedure was not painful, but it was unpleasant: I was very anxious through the whole thing, and apparently was ashen by the end of it, as the doctor was concerned about me and wouldn’t let me get up until my color returned. I did this under a local anesthetic, which was supposed to last for about four hours. Right now, about three hours have passed and it’s wearing off (I’ve already taken a happy-pill, but it’s not doing much good yet). One of the extraction sites is still bleeding and that whole side of the mouth hurts, even though it’s also peculiarly numb. Also peculiar is how perfectly the numbness bifurcates my mouth. My bite feels very strange–I wonder if my teeth are re-aligning themselves or if this is an artifact of the swelling and the fact that I had gauze in my mouth for hours.

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  1. Hi! I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning at 11AM. It’s now 12:15 the next day and i’m feeling a lot better. I had an I.V. and was completely knocked out. This was my 2nd oral surgery. I had the 1st one because I had an extra tooth growing under my gum on the bottom left side. This time, they found out I had 5 wisdom teeth and if I let them go on, they could very well mess up the alignment of my teeth. I took one pain killer last night and it made me sick. So now, i’m only going to take the antibiotics instead! I just hope the swelling goes down soon! I feel like a chipmunk!! But to anyone getting their wisdom teeth out- you’ll be happy its over with and i’d recommend getting completely knocked out with an I.V.!!

  2. Today this morning I had 16 and 17 wisdom teeth extracted and was not bad at all. They used Nitrous Oxide and a I.V and for some reason after they put the needle in a few mins later i have no memory of any of it. I woke up with I.V allready out and nitrous off and didn’t believe it was done. now about 7 hours later I have no swelling, I started to feel slight pain afterwards 2 hours later. Taken 2 Hydrocodone generic for vicodin and that put me out. I also recommend getting put to sleep with an I.V.

  3. Hello, my name is Dena. I am 17… I was SOOOOO afraid to get mine taken out. I just had them taken out this morning and it was not bad at all. and I mean I was SCARED. I was at the point of tears two different occasions thinking about it but it was fine for me. It seems to be pretty different for everyone. I woke up from the anesthesia and I was fine I just remeber wanting to go hom and my mouth being full of gauze. The gauze and the pain are the WORST part. If you are put under the surgery should be fine. I was also fine walking out the the office on my own. So yeah, I got it done today and I am already starting to feel a lot better. They gave me perkiset. My only fear now is a dry socket because I hear those HURT.

  4. Well, I was awake with my wisdom teeth removal. I was so scared. I recieved 13 needles in my gums, which actually did not hurt too bad. During the surgery they told me that they found a 5 th tooth. I was on ‘happy gas’ so I was quite entertained with the whole procedure and was amazed at the fact afterwards how I couldn’t feel my bottom lip, and made people play with it. So I had 5 wisdom teeth removed. 5! After I had minimum pain, however my petite face looked like eddie murphy from the klumps. And then a few months later, i felt ANOTHER tooth, and I got my 6th wisdom tooth removed, which took like 1 minute. and now half a year later. Guess what… I feel number 7 I hoping to get into guiness or something…

  5. I’m 19 and I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow at 12 am. I am so nervous. I’m getting some sort of pill a couple hours before to calm me down. Then they are going to put me on local and a I.V. I really wanted general and I’m pissed about this. I heard they open your mouth REALLY wide (which is what my dentist told me). Does it feel like your jaw is going to come off? What I’m most scared of is seeing my jaw being opened that wide and them cutting in to my gums and… *shudder*

  6. Hi All,

    I just wanted to thank you all for your messages. I read this whole thread before going in on Friday for my wisdom tooth extraction. Like everyone else, I totally recommend the IV sedation. The worst part of my office experience was that it took the doctor half an hour to find my vein!!! LOL. He was very nice about it and I DO have deep veins!

    I’ve never had IV sedation before, so I had some weird “flashbacks” that night – seeing things that weren’t there, but nothing major. You’ll be tired and groggy, so just zone out and don’t worry about anything.

    I’m feeling a lot better now (it’s Sunday night), so REST REST REST and take Vitamin C (1500mg per day) a few days before and a week after to help prevent dry socket. Also, take a daily multivitamin to boost your immune system.

    Surprisingly, after 3 days straight, I’m still not sick of TV. ;-P

    Best wishes to all who are still getting theirs done! Take care and stay calm! :)

  7. I got my wisdom teeth out a week ago today and they hurt so bad…im not taking my percocets anymore just a lot of ibprofin and my mouth tastes gross i cannot wait until this is all over the surgery wasnt bad at all it just sucks afterwards

  8. I wrote last week saying I was getting my wisdom teeth out. These past 6 days have been terrible. Thursday was hell. The actual operation was ‘nothing’ to me because I didn’t even know it happened. I got a pill an hour before then went into the surgery room. This old english man who kept on making jokes about George Bush put an IV in my arm (which didn’t hurt because he distracted me) and put a shot of something into that. Probably valuim. Well a couple minutes later he asked if I felt different and I said no so he gave me another shot. Then the surgeon came in and I said hi, then I turned to talk to the nurse. Without ANY time lost (I don’t even remember feeling dizzy or anything) I was sitting up in the recovery room, STILL talking to the nurse. Though since I was so drugged I didn’t realize where I was. I didn’t know why but my mouth, jaw and cheeks felt really funny and I couldn’t talk properly. I was gettting really pissed off because of that. The nurse was like “You shouldn’t be talking” Then my mom came in and started talking to her. Then she said to me “We have to go” and I was like “What are you talking about! They haven’t even done anything yet!” and she was like “Yes. They are done and it’s almost two.” I guess since I had had two shots with the IV I was out for a long time. Most people wake up right after the surgery but I was out for an extra hour. I found out later from my mom that she fainted after the nurse took me to the car. I apparently was all swollen and had blood all over my face. You’d think they’d clean that up wouldn’t you? Well half way home (we had to drive an hour for my surgery) the drugs were wearing off and I started feeling the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. I would have screamed if I could have moved my mouth, but I couldn’t. So I just cried. When we got home my mom tried to get me to eat some yogart but I could barely open my mouth 1 cm so it was impossible to get the spoon in my mouth. I managed to eat a few spoonfuls then she gave me a tyonal 3. After that I started throwing up like crazy. You know in the Exorsist when the girl throws up all over the priest? I threw up like 10 tens more than she did. And throwing up when you are that swollen hurts like hell. I couldn’t eat anything (not even drink water) without throwing up. So basically I spent the first day without any pain killers. However, not everyone should worry about going through what I did. Because according to the nurse (who phoned to check up on me the next day) you are not supposed to throw up at all.I have an extremely sensitive stomach and might possibly be anemic so that was probably why I got sick like that. Friday was much better because I didn’t throw up so I was able to keep the tyonal 3 down. I came very close to throwing up that night but luckily I didn’t. I was also able to open my mouth wide enough to eat some eggs and yogart. Saturday I woke up with a terrible pain in my cheeks and mollars. It felt like someone had cut open my cheeks with a razor. Well they did… But ya. I thought maybe the stitching had come undone but that was all fine. These past two days have been ok, except the bruising is coming through now and half my face and neck is really yellow. My jaw is still sore like crazy (and actually seems to be getting worse each day) and my face is still really swollen. The swelling probably won’t be fully down for a month. Or at least another week. My jaw is normally 4 inches wide though right now it’s 6 and a half. On Thursday my jaw had swelled up to 8 inches (and my cheeks about 7 inches). I was so swollen that my jaw-line actually went flat. My face looked like it belonged to a 300 lb person with a square face. No offense to 300 lb people with square faces, but if you are thin and used to a round/oval face then this is very scary. I look like the Michelin tire guy, except my forehead is still normal. This really sucks. And I think I have nerve damage in my tongue.

  9. I am getting my 2 wisdom teeth removed today in 1 hour I am freaking scared I am getting a local but my concern is that it hurts right now they are decayed and am i gonna feel anything when they do it I am not even scared about the shots its the pulling part i am nervous about .. Damn I hate teeth!!

  10. Ok im super bummed out, Im getting my wisdom teeth taken out in 11 hours. This sucks so much ass, Ive never been more bummed out about a surgery in my whole life.

    All four under the gums, my face is gonna be swollen to all hell, and its gonna hurt like a mother.I already have a phobia of dentists, after this im never going back again.

    Ill let you all know how it went tommorow.

  11. OK i wrote yesterday that I was getting my wisdom teeth out well I did it just a local .. I was scared to death and thats how I found this site I just wanted to write this incase anyone out there is wondering what it will be like.. My 2 top teeth were not impacted. I already had my bottoms out years ago those were impacted.. I got a local yesterday and I was nervouse as hell everything went fine got the shots then came the pallet shot I warn you now if you hate gagging watch out its a beeotch.. these 2 shots are givin in the pallet of your mouth and make you gag so much i threw up 2 times and dry heaved about 5 minutes.. I couldnt even drive home because I was still gagging for hours after until it wore off. but beseide that shot everything was great did not feel a thing with the shots.. 1st one came out in seconds. the second one was not so lucky it was decayed so it kept breaking took about 10-15 minutes they had to break the bone around it a little.. NO PAIN.. all day and all night no PAIN took aleeve instead of the vicatin this morning i am more soar but took the aleeve again . the swelling was no so bad went down quick and i still have a little puffiness but not much. So anyone getting a local dont worry about it but watch out for the pallet shot its horrible not the shot itself the numbness in the throat (way back) just makes you gag alot.. have fun!! I’m Done

  12. Well I’m having my wisdom teeth out in…. 8 hours! Joy of joys. Just 2, the bottom 2, about 3rd the size of a normal tooth and hardly any root, apparently its going to be like “shelling peas” can’t be too bad right? Well I’m still incredibly nervous! Having a local which I think i’d prefer to being under, cause that idea creeps me out! But still soooo nervous! everyone else I know went under! Oh well. I’m only 16 so hopefully not gna be too bad :S maybe I’ll just run away now! And I’m definitely gna be keeping my eyes closed while it all happens!

  13. i am going to be getting mine cut out tomorrow and i am SO FREAKING SCARED.! I am scared of needles, scared of doctors, scared of just about anything involved. I hope that i don’t punch the dentist. Sometimes when i get scared i do some pretty bad stuff. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight because of all the anxiety. I am also worried about the gaws cause yea that is going to be one of the worste parts i think. oh well i just hope that i can be completly knocked out

    Not dazed or whatever, just FLAT OFF OUT OF IT!

  14. I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted 4 days ago and, for me, the procedure really wasn’t that bad. They started me off on the nitrous oxide, that in itself makes me look forward to getting a filling, so already I was happy as a clam. Then they put the IV in and he pumped about 3 shots into it and kept asking me if I was feeling anything different but I wasn’t. Needless to say, I was wide awake the entire time. It had some effect on me because I remember continuously making small talk about the progress throughout the procedure. The top 2 came out surprisingly fast whereas the lower 2 needed a little bit more “attention”. After the first one was removed and they stitched it up, I remember asking if these were dissolving stitches. After that, he gave me a “block” to bite on. Guess I was asking too many questions. Anyways, the last one was the hardest to get out. I must not have been completely numbed up either because I remember clinching my fist as hard as I could and twisting my legs in the chair as I grunted LOUDLY. He then had the nerve to ask me, “Are you sure it’s not just pain from the pressure?” To which I said, “I’m positive. It fuckin HURTS!!”, which got a chuckle out of the nurses. He shot me up once more and must have hit the sweet spot this time because I felt no pain after that. He had to remove the last tooth in pieces and I kept asking if he was done each time he removed a piece. They all laughed at me again because I let out a “Yay” when we were done. The first day was cake because I couldn’t even stay awake for more than an hour. Make sure you schedule some “veg” days too! I’ve been so tired the past few days but it’s starting to get better. Now, the insides of my cheeks are swollen and, as others have mentioned, I’ve got some stank Dragon breath. They gave me Penicillin, Ibuprofin, and Vicodin. It’s weird, one day the right side of my jaw was sore, today it’s the left. It’s a real DEEP pain, kinda shoots right down to the bone. The Ibuprofin seems to help me best for the pain. I take one Penicillin every 6 hours and one of the painkillers. The worst of the bleeding stopped the first night but I still notice a little when I rinse and spit the goods from waaay in the back. Looks like I’ll still be on “soft” foods for a little while still. I’m on day 4 of recovery, seems kinda odd that the pains I do experience seem to be more intense. Hope I’m not getting dry socket!

  15. Hello everyone,

    I researched a little to find out how it may be for me when I get my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. This forum helped me somewhat. I had them removed yesterday. I did get put to sleep. I woke up and it was all over. I didnt feel groggy. I am thakful to say I am not in any major pain now. I didnt bleed long either. One thing I didnt see from anyone here is after the gauzes if you still are bleeding you can use damp tea bags. My instructions had this and boy did it work! If you are having it done, dont worry! I was so nervous and it was fine, dont worry yourself!

  16. I just found out I am having my wisdom teeth taken out soon, and i am scared to death. I have had 9 teeth taken out before and it was miserable. I am getting put under,though. What decides when you get your widsom teeth- I am only 15 and thought it was kind of young.This site really helped me out though…thanks

  17. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled out a week ago. they didn’t put me to sleep which really sucked, i heard everything. If your getting them out go to sleep drugs are your friend. after it was done i was in so much pain for four days and the pain killers really didn’t help. dont be shocked if you cant open your mouth, its the worst thing you will ever go through thank god im done. be afraid be very afraid

  18. Had mine out Tues am and now it’s Friday… I’m 29 and told that it takes hella long for people “my age”.

    DEFINITELY get the laughing gas. Poor dentist was trying to be all equal rights and stuff but I told him “I’m a big wuss, give me the best stuff you got” and he gassed me up good. It’s a good feeling– you can hear and respond as needed, but you don’t remember jack. I think I remember hearing a crunch or crack at one point, but then it was la la la and I spaced out again.

    Surgery day: face totally numb, dropped glass of water all down my front while trying to rinse down some advil. Slept all afternoon, except for the one time I woke up because I was drooling and screamed like a white woman because there was blood in my drool. Apparently normal. Somebody told me to drink sprite bc the bubbles will help keep the site clean. nope. Wrong answer. Praying daily that I didn’t F myself and cause a dry socket. Can’t brush teeth tonight because the rinsing and spitting is bad. How gross.

    Second day: was ok. did some laundry, basic activity stuff.. not working out or anything heavy though. ate soup, pudding, mashed potatoes, oatmeal… tried to have refried beans but the little bean chunks were more hassle than it’s worth. Was like a miracle to be able to *gently* brush my teeth and get rid of the fur and stank breath in there. no bleeding. Rinsing with salt water, which tastes bad but really feels good.

    third day: stupid me tried talking too much yest., so jaw hurts. Woken up this am by pain in one side of my jawbone. dull pain, but enough to wake me up. this sucks. of the 4 teeth, 3 came out no problem, third one has stitches and that one is killing me. the other side of my mouth is totally fine. Well until I try to chew. My husband is eating real food and I’m completely jealous. But he did offer to put the whole plate of food in the blender and let me drink it like a shake. Not appealing, but thanks. Everybody keeps saying, oh it will be better tomorrow…

    Friday (fourth day): so far this still sucks. Woke up again with sore jaw because everybody is calling to see how I’m doing. Can’t be rude and just skip the calls. Though I should. Something good that helps is a hot washcloth held up against the sore part, then open-close mouth a little bit to relieve stiffness.

    Is it possible that I could say I’m sick of eating ice cream? Seriously. Ate hummus off a spoon yesterday, just for some variety. I guess it’s going to take longer than I thought, just have to resign myself to it. Pisser is having company for dinner tomorrow night and I can’t eat anything I’m cooking. Don’t think a dinner party of oatmeal and soup would go over, do you?

    I think I’m in the clear over dry sockets, but not 100% sure yet. Still taking 2 advil every 4 hours. Best thing to do is not talk too much, it only aggravates my jaw and makes it sore. This is much worse than braces– did that for 2 years. thank god I took this week off work. Don’t know what I’d do if I had to talk and carry on normally. Probably will cancel some of weekend activities, just to rest up and heal sooner. :(

    Advice: get the gas. Seriously, don’t try to do it on just novocaine. Also, get this earlier than later in life. Get it when you’re a kid, still on your parents insurance, or in school so you can just veg and prey off your friends and family. Being older, working, married, etc– this just sucks and is a HUGE inconvenience. Yes, it will be over in a few more days… but if I knew then what I know now, I’d have done it at 18 or 19.

    Good luck everyone, and enjoy a round of pudding on me ;)

  19. I was 16 when I had my wisdom teeth removed, my biggest mistake was taking the anabolic stereoids they prescribed. These steroids caused me to be sick and not eat for 4 days, Maalox and Pepcid AC for about 2 weeks cleared it up, then another recurrance recently, the doctors still “dont know whats wrong” even though it happend after my wisdom teeth were taken out, I just wish I wouldn’t have gone through with it.

  20. I get my wisdom teeth taken out in about 8 hours from now. I’m 17, getting all four out, but none are impacted yet. I am gettings nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as a precursor to the IV. (I am the worlds biggest wimp when it comes to dental work AND needles). I know lots of people that have had it done when knocked out, and they say its not that bad…I hope they’re right…I’ve been freaking out about this surgery for weeks now….The only other “semi-major” stuff I’ve had done is a root canal, but that was when I was awake…I got lots of movies and soft foods and stuff in preparation. Can’t wait for that vicodin prescription :D …Oh well…wish me luck, I might post a followup soon..

  21. So, Its 11:40pm or so right now…I went in for surgery at 9:15am and changed into gown and cap…I was nervous as hell. Then at about 10:10 (finally!) I went in, got nitrous…Here’s the trick: when they ask you if you feel any different, say no. Keep eye contact and maintain coherent conversation with them, and they will crank up the strength of the nitrous…Then they gave me the IV (I HATE NEEDLES) and I didn’t even care…I knew they were doing it, and I could feel it, but it didn’t feel like pain, it didn’t hurt at all…then within 30 secs, the doctor said “now we are going to make you go to sleep….really soon you are going to feel very tired.”

    I don’t even remember fading out gradually, I was just out like a light. Next thing I knew, I was awake in the recovery room, laying down in a bed. I saw the clock and it was about 12:00…the first thing I said to the nurse sitting there was “didn’t that take a little longer than expected?” she smiled and said I had taken a little longer than normal to wake up but that it went fine and I would be ok. The nurse tried to change the gauze in my mouth, but for some reason, my sockets weren’t bleeding very much at all, and she said it was good because it meant they already started to scab (but I think this is because it was almost 2 hours after surgery). Then my mom came in and took me home, where I laid down the rest of the day (taking the occasional Vicodin), sipping gatorade and eating pudding, and dozing in and out of sleep. I was in some very minor pain, kinda sore like after you work out really hard, but in my face/jaw. I iced my face with towel covered ice bags (to keep my face dry) for 20 minutes, followed by a rest of 20minutes, then repeated that process for about 8 hours. The ice really helps to numb the soreness, as well as reduce swelling (I have almost none), so I recommend ice packs.

    Overall, I didn’t wake up during surgery, the nitrous is a must, and I don’t even remember the noises/talking going on in the surgery like some people do. This was possible the most enjoyable dentist/doctor experience I’ve ever had. Keep in mind I was so worried about it beforehand that I was constantly nauseous, but seriously, take it from the biggest wimp ever: the anxiety before the operation was SO MUCH worse than the whole thing.

    Don’t worry about it too much…I also recommend taking vitamins for several days before surgery, and continue until the sockets are totally healed…Since this is only my first day after the surgery, I will probably post another update in a day or two…Good luck to everyone that gets this done!

  22. My fateful day came Friday, November 26th at 8 AM. After putting this off for years I finally could put it off no longer, as my regular dentist said I was starting to get bone loss around my wisdom teeth. The top 2 were coming in straight but the bottom 2 were both impacted. I’m a 41 year old male, so was worried about post-op healing and complications as my bones ain’t young like they used to be.

    Soon after arriving they brought me into the treatment room and weighed me. They had me take off my shirt (good thing I was wearing a t-shirt beneath – it was cold in there) and lie down on the chair. They put the nitrous mask on my nose right away (these people were all business – no chit chat at all). It tasted a bit metallic and I swear it didn’t make me feel any different at all. I told the assistant this and she said some people it affects right away and some it takes a few minutes. As I had my glasses off (can’t see without them) and I had the mask on, I couldn’t see what was going on. The anesthetist (spelling?) was giving me a play by play of what was going on. They put a cover on my chest (I guess to keep the blood from splattering on my t-shirt!) and then she explained she was putting in the IV. My wife told me this would be the worst part but I hardly felt anything. They put in something for the swelling first, which felt cold. Then the next injection was “something to relax me”. Boy, did it ever. I had my tonsils out when I was 2, so this was a new experience for me. It felt like I was falling back through the clouds. She said I’d feel a rush to the head. I described how it felt like I was falling, and that was it. At one point someone asked me how I was doing and I gave a thumbs up sign. I heard the doc talking about something and heard a crunching sound but didn’t know where it was coming from. Next thing I knew I was sitting at the edge of the chair and they were helping me into the recovery room. My wife said I looked at my watch and said “that’s all the time it took?!!” I was out in less than an hour.

    I kind of remember being put into a wheel chair but don’t remember the trip home. I do remember being propped up in bed at home and dozing of and on for the remainder of the morning.

    Recovery has been pretty good – minimal pain and swelling. A bit of nausea but I think that’s from the painkillers. So a note to those who have been putting this off because they’re afraid. I was terrified. But the worst part is the anticipation. After it was done it was anti-climactic. I heartily recommend the I.V. sedation. It was an interesting expereince and now I’m sorry I didn’t get it over with years ago.

  23. Ya, I was the one who got my teeth taken out in october, I was super bummed out, but its true, the anticipation is alot worse than the actual thing.

  24. I Had My Wisdom Teeth Pulled Like A Year Ago. Numbness And A Pain That was Awful. I Threw Up 4 Times. Yuck! This Was November 25th of Last Year And I Still Remember. Did u all remember getting your wisdom teeth Pulled? Let me know.



  25. I just had one wisdom tooth yanked today. all of the other 3 came in fine, no prob. But about a week ago, i had excruciating pain that was alright at first, but then couldnt be controlled with ibuprofen or tons o’ tylenol. So i went in for an ’emergency tooth extraction’ this morning. (sounds fancy huh)… i went in just KNOWING it was my wisdom tooth and not some cavity brewing. so i was more excited to get it out, and more anxious about the pain after. they gave me shots to numb it up, HELP ME MOMM!! and then cut, chopped and pulled at the tooth and it came out in 6 pieces. they let me see it also. it was also suffering from a cavity. proper intuition, but not totally. Just a note: the cavity was exposed within the chunks of tooth, and i got to take a look at it. Gross. looked like black sludge, and smelled horrible. I cant believe i had that in my mouth!!! I will think twice next time i grab a soda or chomp on some candy. I am fine now, with all the vicoden im hyped up on. so far, my cheek is numb and minimal swelling. i am maybe one of the lucky ones. who knows. But my advice is: get it done when you are young. i am 25, and this was terrible pain i had before i got this one out. good luck to all who have to get this done. its not that bad, if you think it will be, it will be. have a good attitude about it!!! :)))

  26. I just got all four of my wisdom teeth out on Monday, and at first, there wasn’t that much swelling (I actually slept for most of the day ~_~;) But later on the second day, the left side of my face totally swelled up and I can feel a huge bump on the inside of my cheek when I carefully feel around it with my tongue. I’ve been putting ice packs on it ever twenty minutes after intervals of ten, and the swelling hasn’t gone down. Is this normal? And about how long will it take to go down? ~_~

  27. hey guys its not that bad to get ur wisdom teeth out. i just got mine out yesterday 8 in the morning. Man when I went and sat in that chair i couldn’t stop shaking. They put in the iv thing and it was pretty cool. i fell straight to sleep. i don’t remember anything that happen plus i didn’t feel a thing either. I was so tired I don’t remember walking out of the building or getting in the car.

    after the surgery it hurt! well not that much but it was just sooo annoying. My cheeks weren’t that swelled up but i put ice on my face anyways.

    then today my face swelled up big time! it sucks but yeah i have to go a party later on tonight i doubt i’m gonna go with me looking like chipmunk. only if there was a way to make the swelling stop!

  28. I got all 4 of mine pulled two days ago. I’m glad they used general anesthesia, especially because the Valium I got before the procedure didn’t do much to calm me down (I was scared coming in). The IV didn’t bug me though. One minute I was talking to the surgeon about my job; the next it was over and my mom was walking me to her car to drive me home. My face was swollen that day, but an icebag helped with that and it went down. It was also annoying that I couldn’t close my mouth for a few hours after, and now it gets sore if I open it more than an inch or two, but otherwise it’s okay. The Dec. 29 surgery still killed my New Year’s Eve but oh well, I didn’t make plans anyway.

  29. Just to throw my two cents into this extremely helpful thread. I’m 19 and I got two of my wisdom teeth out yesterday (the two on the right), and it’s been just a little over 27 hrs now since then. Local anesthesia, no problems at all. Probably the worst thing about local is just that you’re completely aware of what’s going on and the drilling sounds and the smell of burning is just not fun. It was quick though, top tooth came out in 2 minutes, bottom one was impacted and required a lot more work, took about half an hour to get that one out. Gauze went in, I changed it every 20ish minutes (following the dentist’s orders) for the next 4 or 5 hrs and took two ibuprofins. Went to sleep with 2 pillows and a towel over them–I was told to keep my head elevated and that I might have bloody drool, and low and behold, there was bloody drool over my towel the next morning. Woke up once during the night to mild pain, took another ibuprofin and slept like a baby. Diet has been yogurt, pudding, milk, and water, haven’t tried eggs yet, but I had some luncheon meat just now and it was ok because I can still chew with my left side. Rinsing with salt water after meals, haven’t brushed yet. Hopefully I won’t get a dry socket, those sound terrible from what I’ve read.

  30. afraidofdentist.typepad.com where this lady gives super unusual pain tips that worked for me like calcium, etc..talks about step by step having her teeth fixed after 18 years of no dentist…It got me actually over my first dental appointment which was horrendously tough.. and great cause I was going to lose a tooth I actually had root canal on 3 years ago and never capped. Definately check it out although I usually don’t recommend stupid logs.

  31. Hey, after reading the post on the sight I don’t feel that bad about getting my two top wisdom teeth removed this friday. The top left one has cracked and I have some decay and the other one needs to be removed because it has cracked as well. I am afraid of the local anesthia because I know that I may be numb.. but I can still hear . I wonder If I can bring my headphones..lol..seriously. To be put under cost so much money since I don’t have insurance. So local it is. I have never had any surgery and I hope that this goes over fairly well, I will post after friday to let everyone know. Thanks for sharing your stories. I am not as afraid anymore as I was before

  32. Hey, after reading the post on the sight I don’t feel that bad about getting my two top wisdom teeth removed this friday. The top left one has cracked and I have some decay and the other one needs to be removed because it has cracked as well. I am afraid of the local anesthia because I know that I may be numb.. but I can still hear . I wonder If I can bring my headphones..lol..seriously. To be put under cost so much money since I don’t have insurance. So local it is. I have never had any surgery and I hope that this goes over fairly well, I will post after friday to let everyone know. Thanks for sharing your stories. I am not as afraid anymore as I was before

  33. Hey Everyone,

    I just got finished reading every one of your posts on your experiences with getting your wisdom teeth out.. I am scared shitless. I just found out today that i need all 4 taken out. 2 of them are already grown in and the other 2 are far far under the gums. I am 23 and I am scared to get my tonils out.. a procedure that I have needed since I was 12.. how the hell am I going to get these teeth out! I am going to be knocked out but i am still scared. ahhhh!

  34. Hey everyone,

    I got my wisdom teeth pulled out 4 days ago and my cheeks are still really swollen… i iced a little the day of the surgery and i didn’t really ice that much the day following the surgery, but i have been icing a lot the last two days

    is this swelling normal or should i be worried?


  35. Sakura Mitsukai

    I just got all four a my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Let me tell you, laughing gas and anestesia are your friend ^__^ I was in the room for an hour before they got to me. The laughing gas made me very spacy and my whole body tingled. Then there was a poke in my arm, a few seconds, sleep, and in what seemed like minutes, I was awake. I still don’t remember how I got out to the car though. It sucked majorly last night. I tried swallowing pain killers, but since I couldn’t feel my chin or tongue, it was a bit difficult. Things are better today, but I probably talked a bit much. I’m just wondering when I’ll finally be able to brush my teeth again because right now, they feel disgusting. I used one of those Oral-B sinkless finger brusher things, but my teeth still feel gross. Ugh. At least I’m missing school, except I hate missing my college class. Well, better that I got this done now at 17 rather than later in life. All four were impacted and compacting my teeth. Good luck to anyone getting their wisdom teeth pulled ^__^ (I’m a major wimp by the way…)

  36. Im 50… in August.. tommorrow I have to have a decayed wisdom tooth pulled after a whole week of dental stuff.. two porcelain crowns and a cavity filled with a temporary filling. Tommorrwo he is putting in the permanent filling on the tooth in front of my wisdom tooth that is coming out. I am nervous, but the wisdom tooth is too decayed to fill .. he says.. I have to believe him. I have been in so much pain lately. Seems like my whole left upper mouth decayed in one year. I am not looking forward to this, both my children had there wisdom teeth out.. and suffered … he drilled mine today and put a temp in it… until the morning. My face was frozen all day today and tommorrow too. I cant wait to be back to normal in my mouth…. 50.. is anyone else 50?

  37. i’m 15 and i’m getting 2 wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow @ 5 :(. I’ll report on how it goes (as soon as i can)!

  38. Well I’m on day 4. It seemed like I’d be fine after the first day or so, then BAM, the swelling hit me. I just got back from substitute teaching, and wow did I feel ridiculous. I have a 300lb man’s face in a 185lb 20 yr olds body. I did everything right as far as icing the area and all that, I just don’t understand why the swelling isn’t going down. The worst part of it all is that I can barely chew anything. I feel like I’d be biting down on my cheeks if I tried to chew, because even the inside of my cheeks are swollen. This sucks, I don’t wish wisdom teeth extraction on anybody. The day I can eat steak again will be the best day this year.

  39. I’m getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out this thursday. I keep hearing all these horror stories. Anyone know of any pain killer alternatives that won’t make you sick to your stomach? The last thing I want is to be sick the whole time my face is swollen and when i’m in pain.

  40. I had mny 2 left side wisdom teeth taken out a few days ago- I feel much better now, but the first few hours afterward were hell. It was soo painful. Plus I couldnt have all 4 out at the same time. apparently it took my dentist way too much drugs to numb me so he said to give me anymore would have been dangerous. Now I have to go back for the other 2 which really sucks.

  41. well.. this morning i went in and got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out.. i was worrying about it the whole week and i’m just glad it’s finally over with. Initially i was told that i would recieve concsious sedatiom.. but when i arrived the doctor told me that he was going to knock me out completely and put me to sleep. He stuck the IV in me.. i felt a rush of warmness go up my arms, up my spine, and right to the back of my head and i was out. Usually it takes 1 min or 30 secs for people, but for me it took exactly 2 seconds.. it was a very cool experience. Next thing i kno i woke up in the recovery room. Also, i’m not in so much pain as i expected i would be. it still hurts when i talk or swallow but the pain is bearable, and i just took half a painkiller. well good luck to everyone.. and it’s not as bad as you hear.

  42. I’m 18 years old, and I’ve known I would need to get my wisdom teeth out for quite some time now, but I’ve been putting it off… However, a couple days ago, one of them (that is partially in) suddenly became inflamed and painful – it hurts when I swallow, move my jaw, open my mouth too far, etc. Eating has never been so torturous. So, this has brought me to the conclusion that I need to get them out… and soon.

    I think I’m definitely going to go for the local anesthesia, though — as just the thought of a needle in my arm, and being in an altered state of consciousness scares me to death. I despise needles, yet, for some reason, needles in my mouth don’t bother me at all. Isn’t that weird? I think I can deal with all the awareness, and digging of tools, and crunching — as long as there are no needles going into my arm. *shudder*

    Reading everyone’s responses has made me feel a lot better about the whole ordeal. I’m especially relieved to find out that the procedure takes nowhere near as much time as I had suspected. I think I can only handle so much drilling and pulling.

  43. I just got 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. It wasn’t that bad at all. The wait to get the surgery done was the problem. I picked the local anesthetic and gas, it didn’t take longer than 5 to 7 mins per tooth! And 3 of the 4 was complete boney impactions! Soon as one was out, he quickly stitched it up and started on another. The first shot stings alittle bit, but its nothing to dread. My surgeon was old, so he must have done this hundreds if not thousands of times. I am a bleeder and so far that has been my biggest problem, although it doesn’t me.

    The surgeon’s experience, your personal mental strength, pain tolerance, age, and personal will to get it done; all plays an important role.

  44. I got three wisdom teeth removed nearly a week ago. It didn’t take 20 minutes if that long, and I paid $950. I honestly thought “rip off” once the gas left my lungs and the aid said “all done”. I only got nitrous gas and l.a shots, plus one shot in my shoulder to help retain possible swelling since all three where impacted.

    I took basic tylenol because there was very little pain.

  45. I’m 33 and need to get my top two wisdom teeth taken out. I don’t have bottom ones (thank god). I am a huge wuss and haven’t had them out before now because I am terrified of needles and pain. But a few weeks ago I got a super painful bacterial infection from a “partially erupted” wisdom tooth. The dentist promised that it would come back and told me I need to get both wisdom teeth out. I’m taking a two week trip in April and hoped I could wait until I get back (thereby also holding off doomsday). But no such luck. Just a week or so after healing the bacterial infection with antibiotics (and I horrifying dental procedure), my tooth is hurting and I think the infection is coming back : (. Reading all these posts have made me feel a little better. Seems like it will be a breeze if it takes 5 minutes per tooth and sheer torture if there are any complications. I’m still pretty terrified though. If I have my teeth taken out on Wednesday will I be able to go on my trip the following Tuesday (6 days later)?

  46. The operation doesn’t hurt. I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth taken out on 30th March as did my brother. He had 2 taken out. We were sedated. Since we’re not kids (I’m 35 and he’s 36)I thought it would be more painful. Just having a nice week away from work and its great for diets cos you just don’t want to eat anything. I’ve lost a couple of pounds already.

    Also, we’re both Brits so we’re used to bad teeth. LOL!!

  47. ok so im getting 6 teeth pulled may 9th and im completely terrified! 4 wisdom teeth and 2 molars 3 of the wisdom teeth are impacted. im getting IV Sedation…i’ve heard from others that this is a good thing. but i’ve been reading these “horror” stories and more scared than i was before…i should really stop reading them…lol but i cant. any replies would be appreciated.

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