Helpful Hint

Here’s a helpful hint: If you like making smoothies, and have an Osterizer blender (this may work with other brands too), get yourself a quart mason jar–some brands of pasta sauce use these for packaging. The threading on the jar fits the carafe-base perfectly. You can fill the jar with your smoothie fixings, screw on the base, smoothify, and drink from the same jar. Save yourself washing that big, awkward carafe. Life is good.

4 thoughts on “Helpful Hint”

  1. That might not be the best idea, depending on the quality of your glass. Sudden cold temps (like shredding ice hitting all over the inside of the glass at once) might cause it to crack or worse.

    Maybe I missed the part about wearing protective wear when making smoothies though.

  2. I’ve done this a hundred times without incident. For one thing, you’re using a mason jar–these things are designed to be dunked directly into boiling water, and so tolerate sudden temperature shifts. For another, you’d probably need to go from extreme heat to extreme cold to shatter even ordinary glass.

  3. dragonfly jenny

    i had noticed this too, but was apprehensive about using this technique b/c unlike the blender carafe, the upended screwed-on jar has no air holes. Seems like that could put too much pressure on the jar. But you say you’ve done it a buncha times without incident; that’s good to know.

  4. Actually there can be no change in pressure: for that to occur, either the jar would need to shrink, or the contents would need to increase after you screwed the lid on. Since we have neither shrink-rays nor transporters…

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