September 18, 2010

Day 1: San Diego to Lakeside

Started: Sep 18, 2010 16:00:12
Ride Time: 1:47:58
Stopped Time: 59:05
Distance: 20.52 miles
Average: 11.40 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 48.39 miles/h
Climb: 1771 feet
Calories: 1151

The data above is from my GPS app, and in this case is inaccurate because I didn’t have running the whole time I was riding. My distance according to the route map is about 28 miles—not much, but OK considering my late start and general confusion. I made a few wrong turns that added a few miles to my ride. Today’s route was entirely in towns and suburbs, and had a fair number of turns—some of which I missed, and some of which aren’t called out explicitly in the cues. As good as the ACA maps are, they gloss over some spots where the map-maker is pretty much trusting you to do the logical thing.

I’m writing this from a Best Western. I had to go a few miles in the wrong direction (intentionally, this time) to get here. I’m sure it’s not the last time that’ll happen on this trip. I could have pushed on a slightly greater distance along my route to reach a campground, but what can I say? I’m soft.

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Past the first hurdle

Got the trike checked. The box was larger than Southwest’s size limit—then again, almost all bike boxes are. The ticket agent spent a while reading over the baggage policies and frowning, but let it pass. The TSA had no trouble with it, but they did force me to throw out a can of sunblock. Apparently Southwest will let me bring both my panniers on as carry-on bags. We’ll see if the gate agent agrees with the ticket agent on that.

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