Spy work

One of my clients sent me on a slightly bizarre mission that has nothing to do with translation, at least not directly. I was charged with taking my trusty digicam and shooting some pix of a couple of car dealerships in the area. Not too hard, but I was worried that either I’d wind up shooting from a great distance, and the pictures would be useless, or I’d wind up getting chased away from the lots.

In the spirit of sneaky spy-stuff, I decided to go at night. This neatly avoided the above two problems, but created a new one: it’s hard to take sharp pictures in the dark. (And one of the dealerships did have a watchdog, but he was asleep, so I let him lie.) So the results from this outing weren’t very usable.

I went out today and shot some more, and was surprised at how dead both dealerships seemed. I thought Sunday would be a busy day for them. Then I went to go investigate buying a boombox, and the Best Buy was closed. Weird.

Then I got home and discovered it was Easter. I tell ya, I’d forget my own birthday if my parents didn’t call to wish me a happy one every time it came around.