About Adam Rice


I’m a freelance Japanese-English translator living in Austin Texas, in the soon-to-be-too-hip-for-it’s own good Cherrywood neighborhood. I used to live on the world-famous Street of Lights.


I translate in a number of fields: semiconductor fabrication, computing, marketing, and general business writing (kaisha annai, annual reports, etc). I also like taking on jobs in obscure fields. I’ve been in the business since 1989.

For a long time, I maintained the Honyaku Home Page as a companion to the Honyaku mailing list, an amazing community of Japanese translators.

I have served as a director of the Japan Association of Translators.


I am a cycling enthusiast. In 2010, I rode the Southern Tier. My enthusiasm for cycling earned me a broken hip a while back, and amazingly enough, I broke my hip again, much worse than the first time, almost precisely four years after the first.

I’ve got a little cycling-related side-hustle: Wildcard Bicycle Novelties.


I had a side business making firedancing equipment: fire-gear See my tips on making firedancing apparatus.

Burner culture

Through my connection to firedancing, I got involved with Burner culture. I participated in Burning Flipside for the first time in 2003. I joined its advisory body in 2010, and joined its board of directors in 2012. I’ve been to Burning Man a couple of times, as well as a couple of other regional burns.


I participate on a bunch of other websites. If you do too, look me up.

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