You know those school-anxiety dreams where you show up in class, and discover there’s a test you weren’t expecting, or work-anxiety dreams that are similar? I had a burner-anxiety dream last night. I almost never remember my dreams, and this one seems funny enough to bear writing down. In my dream, Gwen and I had […]

Small online services offer subscriptions that aren’t great value but might be a good idea anyhow. But Adobe’s subscriptions create upside-down economic incentives.

These are some of the best stories, articles, essays, blog posts, etc, that I read during 2013. They weren’t necessarily written in 2013. I’m including them in roughly the order I encountered them.

I’ve started a new blog for posting extracts from a weird book of tips and recipes

Apple’s update to Pages prompts me to look at file formats.

This morning there was a story on NPR about bike sharing, specifically how it doesn’t do a good job of serving the poor. There are basically three reasons for this: The bike stations are not located in areas most useful to poor people; You need a debit card or credit card to use the system; […]

Transparencies in a vector image lead to poorly rastered images in Powerpoint

This article on the junior senator from Texas got me thinking. Specifically, this quote, from Cruz himself: “I do think the impact of a handful of principled leaders who are fearless in the Senate is significant, and I think it’s significant even going from two to three. If you have three, you pretty quickly get […]

A rundown on the organization that produces Flipside.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about guns lately. No surprise. I’m going to round up some of the more interesting stuff I’ve read and look for some common threads. The Constitution First is this detailed analysis of the Second Amendment by Gary Wills. He digs deep into the language, history, and politics prevailing […]