Translating a document that involves optics, I ran into what I immediately recognized as ROYGBIV in Japanese: 紫、青、水色、緑、黄、オレンジ、赤 (actually that’s VIBGYOR, but the point is the same) I had never really stopped to consider how ROYGBIV might be expressed in Japanese, but it’s an interesting question, because the Japanese word that is ordinarily rendered in […]

Using CSS to impose order on long lists.

Back on the bike

You know those school-anxiety dreams where you show up in class, and discover there’s a test you weren’t expecting, or work-anxiety dreams that are similar? I had a burner-anxiety dream last night. I almost never remember my dreams, and this one seems funny enough to bear writing down. In my dream, Gwen and I had […]

Small online services offer subscriptions that aren’t great value but might be a good idea anyhow. But Adobe’s subscriptions create upside-down economic incentives.

These are some of the best stories, articles, essays, blog posts, etc, that I read during 2013. They weren’t necessarily written in 2013. I’m including them in roughly the order I encountered them.

I’ve started a new blog for posting extracts from a weird book of tips and recipes

Apple’s update to Pages prompts me to look at file formats.

This morning there was a story on NPR about bike sharing, specifically how it doesn’t do a good job of serving the poor. There are basically three reasons for this: The bike stations are not located in areas most useful to poor people; You need a debit card or credit card to use the system; […]

Transparencies in a vector image lead to poorly rastered images in Powerpoint