The show did go on. Sort of.

Well, the show did go on, just not quite as planned.

We wound up doing it in the backyard of Amber’s house–Amber being one of the performers. About 30 spectators showed, and I think they enjoyed it.

While it was extremely frustrating and stomach-churning to have our sponsor default in the eleventh hour, and it would have been really nice to get the money for the show, I’m actually pretty happy with the way things turned out for a lot of reasons:

  • The money on offer didn’t come close to fairly compensating us for the amount of prep time that went into the show–in a way, it’s better to give away your efforts than to be meanly remunerated for them.
  • We all learned a lot from doing this–it was a valuable experience.
  • I discovered it was nice to be doing the show just for us, rather than for a sponsor.
  • We had fun
  • In the end, I’m not unhappy that I’m not working for this particular sponsor, which is Camel cigarettes. I had been holding my nose all along, and now, since I’m not taking their money, I can be morally superior and smug.