So I was making a

So I was making a fire-baton a couple days ago, and because I’m a klutz, jammed a phillips-head screwdriver into the web between my index finger and thumb. Ouch. Yesterday I went to the ER at Brackenridge to get a tetanus shot. (Interesting aside–I called a general practitioner’s office to ask if I should have them look at it. The receptionist said I should get a tetanus shot, and since there was a shortage of those right now, they didn’t have any, but the ER would. So I went there.) I waited about two and a half hours to get a shot that some guy practically administered as he walked past me. I asked a few people about the tissue damage, and they all seemed really unconcerned. One of them told me “hands heal up really fast.” So far, I’d have to agree, much to my surprise. The day after, I could barely hold anything in my grasp. Two days after, and I’ve got most of the strength back in my thumb.