Went and saw Spider-Man this afternoon. It was fun. Good eye-candy, and a better story than mindless summer action movies are expected to have.

You know how all the big theater chains have these computer-generated animations to let you know the trailers are over, that you should go out ot the lobby and buy junk food, and that the feature is about to begin? Well, the theater I saw the movie at is part of some rinky-dink chain that has pathetic, PlayStation 2-grade computer animation. Playstation 2 animation is impressive when it is rendered live on a TV screen, but not when it is pre-rendered and displayed on a movie screen. I had to laugh, especially given the contrast with the excellent CGI in the movie. This theater is also notorious for its mildewy smell and handmade signage that looks like the manager’s kid did it. But, hey, it’s in the neighborhood.