Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and Gwen and I drove down to Houston in her snazzy new wedgelet to visit her father, who happened to be there on business. He’s even more curmudgeonly than my own dad.

We all visited the Natural Science Museum, specifically the Butterfly Center. This was really wonderful–the exhibit was a little short on education, but is still worthwhile. The un-educational aspect fits perfectly with the rest of the museum, which is among the most commercial I’ve ever seen. One buys tickets (which aren’t cheap) to specific exhibits, not the whole museum. The exhibits are packaged and marketed like movies at a cinemaplex, with promotional displays and posters. That, combined with the fact that the museum also has an imax screen, makes it downright confusing as to whether a given attraction is an exhibit or movie. The museum had two gift shops (that I noticed), plus a McDonald’s right on the premises.

We then ate dinner at Kim Son, a Vietnamese joint that is a Houston institution. I had a really excellent shrimp curry.

And then it was about time to go home, so we did.