I am a cultural imperialist and I’m proud

Nick Denton nails it

Even Western liberals, under a veneer of multicultural modesty, are cultural imperialists at heart. We believe, even if it remains tactfully unspoken, in the global conquest of sexual freedom, rock music, and science fiction. The more sensible liberal pacifism goes along these lines: no point in sending in the Marines, because Hollywood and the internet will do the job so much more effectively

I’ve never been so tactful as to leave it unspoken. Barrage them with Baywatch, bombard them with Sara Lee products, and they’ll come around.

The multi-culti, politically correct crowd might wonder “Isn’t this bad? If people around the world gobbled up Western liberal democracy, wouldn’t that endanger cultural diversity?” I suppose if religious zealotry, communist militancy, etc, are considered valid parts of “cultural diversity,” then yes. But I don’t accept that liberal democracy is somehow inherently “western,” that it forces cultures into some sort of straitjacket, or that the alternatives on offer are preferable.