Republicans with issues

This turd just got deposited in my in-box through the unlikely vector of the local mailing list for freaks.

From the Republican Liberty Caucus of Austin:

This Friday, October 24th, is United Nations Day. 
I hope you can join us  and Several pro-liberty
 and pro-American sovereignty groups in making 
this  dismal day an exciting and fun one, with a 
good old fashioned UN Flag  Burning! 

WHAT: UN - Flag Burning - Day
WHEN: This Friday, October 24th at 6PM
WHERE: 11th Street, in front of the south 
State Capital, Austin, Texas

Bring your marshmallows, some friends and a camera!


For whatever it’s worth, you can look these nitwits up online. What are you going to do with these people? Perhaps introduce them to these guys (there’s someone in my neighborhood with a yard-sign from them). I’m sure they’d get along famously