More notes on the upgrade

More notes on the upgrade to OS X. Just installed Quickeys X. I have been a longtime user of Quickeys, and while I probably didn’t get as much mileage out of it as some people, I found it to be extremely handy. So I am extremely disappointed by the new version, which is much less capable than its predecessor. Some of this is perhaps excusable–the software clearly had to be re-written from the ground up for OS X, and perhaps some features were intractable to implement. But there are others that they simply dropped–like inserting a custom-formatted date (which I used all the time)–which clearly would not have been difficult to implement. What had previously been a handy macro type that zipped you to a certain directory when in an Open File/Save File dialog, or opened that directory when in the Finder, has been confusingly split into two separate types, and the one that zips you around when opening/saving files operates so slowly that it’s almost not worth using (and can be easily stumped).

Perhaps with time, I’ll figure out how to bend this version to my will, but I suspect that I wasted my money on this. There’s a freeware macro utility for OS X, and that’s probably a better deal (hell, the price is right). I’ll have to check it out.