Chicks in leather hotpants, hotrods and vintage motorcycles, and enough piercings and tattoos to start a sideshow–and that’s just the audience.

The Alamo Drafthouse, quite possibly the most wonderful movie theater ever, held a drive-in double-feature at the defunct Longhorn Speedway. She-Devils on Wheels with Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! With two live bands for entertainment, and Satan’s Cheerleaders to introduce everything. But wait, that’s not even the good part: Tura Satana and Haji were there in person, signing autographs, answering questions, and generally creating an aura of lascivious legitimacy at the event. Did I get pictures? Oh, you bet. Including one that answers the question (in case you’ve ever wondered) “What does a woman with fake tits look like by the time she’s a grandmother? As disturbing as that question sounds, the answer is moreso. I’m not talking about Tura or Haji, by the way (Tura’s gained some weight, but still looks pretty good; Haji just looks great)–I’m talking about a member of the audience.

Admittedly, not all was perfect. They had set up a PA at the front (for the benefit those of us not in cars, like me), and it was getting its signal from the back by low-power FM–but with a useless antenna, so the audio frequently was overwhelmed by static. When Tura and Haji were taking questions, a mound of fire ants got riled up, and I’ve got some bites to show for it. And finally, the second feature hadn’t even started at midnight, so I bailed and came home. I’m not complaining–I had a good time.