Austin occasionally gets a violent hailstorm. Last night was one–hailstones the size of ping-pong balls. My car now has six small dimples on the hood. Frankly, I’m surprised it wasn’t worse.

Now to figure out how to smooth out the dimples…

2 thoughts on “Hail”

  1. Hi, Adam.

    Sorry about the car. There are services like Dentbusters that fix things like that.

    The part of my house with sleeping quarters is a 1970s addition with a metal roof. Ordinary rain makes a pleasant drumming sound. That hailstorm sounded like artillery! (The rest of the house was built in the 30s and has a normal shingle roof).

    p.s. Is the email obfuscation a carefully hidden MT feature or a reusable hack? I installed MT last week and the comments feature did the opposite of obfuscation — it tried to validate alevin [at]alevin[dot]com and complained that it was invalid address!

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