They just don’t get it

There’s a truly hilarious website out there, It satirizes a quiet and unintentional sort of racism sometimes found in white people.

Evidently, not everyone gets it. And some people who do get it feel that racism is too serious to make light of (violating my personal prime directive, “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke”). The site has gotten enough public attention that it was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Take a look at the ABC page discussing this–it doesn’t actually link to the site (though it does give the URL, so you could get there), and at the bottom, the page has a feedback form which starts off with “Now that you’ve heard about, we would like to know what you think.” Note that they are subtly discouraging you from actually checking the site out for yourself, and encouraging you to treat the ABC writeup as the only source you need–to make decisions and offer feedback based on incomplete information when the source is right under your nose.

They just don’t get it.

1 thought on “They just don’t get it”

  1. ABC seems to have removed the feedback form (at least it doesn’t show up on my screen). No doubt they received a deluge of comments. I would be interested in knowing if the Black People Love Us site really did offend nine out of ten people, as someone quoted in the ABC article predicted.

    News flash: MAKING FUN OF racism is NOT the same as racism! Sheesh! They really DON’T get it, do they.

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