Still more news about GeoURL.

Joshua Shachter, who is responsible for GeoURL, has created a simple interface between it and Movable Type. This allows individual archive entries in MT to automatically generate the appropriate tags, and to ping GeoURL.

I’ve already begun putting this to work in a local blog-thing, so that local real-world places of interest can get in on the GeoURL action. Things are still very tentative and rough, but check it out: AustinURL.

7 thoughts on “Geoblogging”

  1. This seems interesting. If you could get this rolling by SXSW Interactive, I think it could snowball as an alternative city guide with all the tech types in town. Maybe people could even moblog or tell their experiences at these locations in the comments. Maybe even add Anyway, seems cool.

  2. A calendar/schedule/reminder feature would be earthshatteringly great (meet us at Ruta Maya at 8; then auto-reminder — like Meet-up inside out).

    The low-tech version is an email form where you mail the place and time to your friends.

  3. I think your concerns about the system getting overwhelmed are relevant, but I’m more of the “get something working and deal with complexity later” school of thought. I know too well how trying to make something perfect on paper can prevent you from making anything at all in actuality. The taxonomy I’ve set up isn’t carved in stone; the names can be changed, and at least the hooks are there for filtering by category.

    And of course, you’re not helping anything by geotagging those dumpsters! And wait till we get to chronotagging! Then you’ll really have something to complain about.

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