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How do you like the new look? Thanks to the wonders of CSS, most of the work was in making the oval graphics, and that didn’t take long. That and tweaking a few CSS settings, but I was pretty much able to do this in my spare time over one late morning.

I’m guilty of one act of backsliding: the title logo is now text-as-graphic. Getting the effect I wanted using text-as-text would be terribly painstaking (it still isn’t exactly right), and would probably break in a bunch of browsers I don’t have access to. When CSS3 support is available, I’ll revert to text-as-text, promise.

4 thoughts on “Blob blog”

  1. I like the new design. I particularly like how readable it is. All too often “high concept design” results in crappy contrast and unreadable type.

  2. I like it! I’m a big fan of clean, simple design… I admire that you stuck to using CSS almost exclusively. That makes it very difficult to do interesting design. Kudos!

  3. Thanks for the kind words.

    Actually, I’d say that CSS makes a lot of good design tricks easier than old-fashioned plain HTML. It also makes some forms of design-violence easier as well. Some aspects of CSS-based design are a breeze compared to straight HTML; others are unquestionably counterintuitive.

    For whatever it’s worth, though, the design immediately preceding this was more exclusively CSS-based. But I wanted something airier, more distinctive, and more…oval.

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