The WiFi phone

A prototype phone can open a voice-over-IP connection if there’s an open WiFi node available. Very, very interesting. If you had one of these and never left Manhattan, you’d probably never need to subscribe to cellular service.

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  1. Hey there… found you via GeoURL. :)

    The WiFi phone is tremendously interesting. I’m a strong believer in WiFi, and what a brave new capability this is!

    I only wish we had more hotspots down here in Brownsville… I took a trip up to Austin a couple weeks ago, and WiFi service was *everywhere*. It was unbelievable.

  2. Indeed. Apparently a lot of companies at CeBit were showing off wifi phones, and Nokia (?) pledged to begin manufacturing them soon.

  3. Companies all over the world have been waiting for and anticipating the next “killer” wireless application. Xten has built that application and it’s name is X-PRO.

    A SIP-based softphone for Windows PCs & Wireless PocketPC/CE devices. Xten’s customizable SIP User Agent gives you the power and flexibility to deliver an enhanced VOIP endpoint for a multitude of uses including a Wi-Fi Phone for 802.11 networks in the enterprise or other.

    Xten delivers SIP-based communications and services in a software-based phone for PocketPC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PocketPC, PocketPC-to-PC, PC-to-PocketPC, PC-to-PC, PC-to-Phone, Phone-to-PC services.

    Xten’s SIP User Agent comes in 2 flavours. X-Lite, a feature rich FREE softphone. And, X-PRO, which includes conferencing, multi-proxy, and more, all for only $50

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