France fest

Not sure how I got on this mailing list, but I just received a notice of an upcoming event at Escapist Bookstore called (in an unfortunate apparent confusion of Spanish and French) “Viva la France.” From the message:

Womens of Masse Production bring you Viva la France!, a party honoring French culture in particular and American diversity in general. With food, drink, live music by Dakota Smith, and readings of French literature by local notables. Thumb your nez at wine-dumping, the breaking of windows of French-owned businesses (in Austin, Chez Nous was a recent victim), and other anti-Frenchist stupidity, and celebrate open-mindedness and the human spirit.

The details are:
This Friday: March 2, 6–10 pm

Escapist Bookstore

2209 South 1st St., #D

$3 donation suggested, no one turned away for lack of $

Call 912-1777 or visit for more info

In related news, I had lunch at the Fredericksburg Brewery yesterday, where the “French” in “French fries” had been blacked out on the menus.

5 thoughts on “France fest”

  1. Pok-E-Jo’s is now serving “USA Fries.”

    And that antique store at the corner of MLK and Lamar appears to have removed their Eiffel Tower from out front.

    I’m thinking we ought to tear down the Statue of Liberty next. It has the double benefit of destroying something that actually has something to do with France (ain’t nothing french about those fries), plus it should make Ashcroft and Ridge happy.

  2. There’s actually a parody site suggesting exactly that (, along with one to rename San Francisco (get it?) and to get French Stewart to change his name. Interestingly, these sites all appear to be down at the moment.

  3. We had a French appreciation party this weekend — it was a blast! French wine, cheese, bread…mmm! And real French people! ;)

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