I’ve been spammed by the Will Wynn campaign. I wonder how I got on their mailing list. Guess who I’m not voting for.

I greatly appreciate you allowing me to contact you electronically, and update you on the progress of our campaign. This e-newsletter lets us keep you and your family informed of the latest developments, and also saves us scarce campaign funds. Thank you!

It has all the hallmarks of spam–it pretends to have my permission. It contains extensive HTML markup and images. Of course, we’ve seen this kind of thing before.

[Later] Now I’ve gotten politispam from Glen Maxey on behalf of Howard Dean. I like Howard Dean. This is disappointing.

4 thoughts on “Politispam”

  1. I received the same spam from the Wynn campaign today. What’s worse, during SXSW, I spoke to Will about his campaign’s spam problem. It appears the spam is continuing with his knowledge and his support.

    Yeah, like I really want to elect a spammer for mayor.

    Adam – Please send an email to the campaign letting them know what you think. I already sent one and apparently somebody is reading the stuff.

  2. You should give that feedback to the Howard Dean campaign in Texas! I think they’re just a little anxious to not get Gored by Edwards or Kerry or Lieberman *shudder* that they’re a little overzealous with the email. You can reach them at http://www.deanfortexas.com/

  3. What Kelly said. I wouldn’t assume that any candidate has a clue that his campaign is spamming without checking it out first. The Dean-Maxey spam in particular sounds like it could be a local wildcat effort. Campaign finance laws notwithstanding, I wouldn’t think that a 2004 presidential candidate would have a lot of control over local details at this point.

    I’d also keep in mind the possibility that it could be sabotage. What better way to get liberal voters pissed at their candidates in a wired town like Austin that to sign them up for opt-in lists? I’ve got strong circumstantial evidence that pranksters have signed up one of my work addresses to a number of real opt-in lists; if pranksters can do it, why not political dirty tricksters?

    The news about Will Wynn is really disappointing. I’ve heard him speak at neighborhood meetings and he seems like a sharp and decent guy — the first Austin “developer” I’ve been inclined to vote for.

  4. I have NOT been impressed with Will Wynn. On every issue that I’ve followed, he’s thumbed his nose at the voters and voted on the side of business. He and Betty Dunkerly are not my favorite councilmembers. If only we had more like Raul Alvarez! :)

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