I take it all back

Every word of it. Every skeptical, accusatory thing I said about the war in Iraq. Because it turns out that, yes, Iraq was harboring terrorists. Well, one terrorist. Abu Abbas. Remember him? I thought not. He hijacked the Achille Lauro and killed one of its passengers. In 1985.

This is not to trivialize the crime, but we didn’t invade a country, kill and maim thousands of civilians, allow over 100 of our own troops to die, and spend $75 billion and counting to round up this guy. Oh yeah…I remember hearing something about weapons of mass destruction a few weeks ago. Did they find any of those? Nope.

2 thoughts on “I take it all back”

  1. Adam:

    Sorry to comment in an OT manner, but I just wanted to thank you for your help in the MT support forum. My total reply is there, with code details if you’re interested.

    Thank you again. I hope you visit my site.


  2. Like some of the ideas here. So true that when the newspapers flash a name suddenly everyone becomes an expert on his past. Yet they soon forget it. Before Sept 11 hardly a few people knew the word Osama yet they all asumed he was bad. Then everyone became an expert on the Sadam files and I guess the next name is already being dusted of . Keep calling a spade a spade until they find the mass destruction weapons or you die. The only destruction I see is coming from West at this stage. Leon

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