Shallow thoughts

David, the soup peddler, had a second-night-of-pesach dinner last night, at which I was present. A very new-agey type of affair. Following are some ideas that cropped up during conversation:

  1. It used to be that Americans of any political stripe could make fun of the French and feel good about it. Since GW2, the right wing has co-opted this practice. Yet another reason to be anti-war: I resent the fact that I can’t feel good about ridiculing those cheese-eating surrender-monkeys anymore.
  2. Jewish holidays are a downer: “this is the day God didn’t kill the firstborn male child of each household”; “this is the day of atonement.” Jesus! The Christians did a much better job of co-opting the fun aspects of pagan holidays. Why don’t Jews have days for collecting brightly-colored eggs, decorating indoor trees, etc?

6 thoughts on “Shallow thoughts”

  1. You undercut your argument by citing the Lubavitchers as a source.

    And as to the drunk part, what do you think the egg nog is for at Christmas? To provide a rum substrate.

  2. Um, Catholics don’t need holidays to inspire tippling. My uncle’s parish in rural Minnesota, St. Patrick’s, has a bar of the same name on the other side of the parking lot. Its seriously like a whole Irish-Catholic compound with a small church, cemetary, and pub surrounded by cornfields as far as the eye can see. I have numerous childhood memories of leaving Sunday mass and heading over to the tavern so the adults could have a few beers.

  3. Here ya go: Sukkos (celebration of the harvest) and Simchas Torah (celebration of completing the reading of the Torah) are pretty happy stuff.

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