MoveOn virtual primary has published the results of a virtual primary. It is, of course, not binding, and arguably doesn’t really mean anything: although MoveOn did go to some trouble to avoid ballot-box stuffing, there’s always that risk. MoveOn had already made nice noises about Howard Dean, and the voters would probably be sympathetic to MoveOn. MoveOn only gave three of the candidates an opportunity to address the voters in advance–it defined those three as the “front runners,” but those three are Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Dennis Kucinich (??), which is unrealistic. And sure enough, those three easily outpolled the others. Dean got over 40% of the vote. Kucinich, inexplicably, got over 20%.

The others got the dregs, and there wasn’t much for them to fight over. Carol Moseley-Braun outpolled Joe Lieberman, which strikes me as unrepresentative. Wesley Clark–who wasn’t even on the ballot–outpolled Al Sharpton. This is interesting: Sharpton doesn’t even have much cred among the dedicated left, and a recently retired general, who has made only vague noises about running, does. But I’m not sure what it signifies: has the left moved to the right? Does Clark appeal to a certain subset? Is he perceived as more viable today because of his military background?

3 thoughts on “MoveOn virtual primary”

  1. My feeling about Lieberman is, with Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?

    So I found it heartening that Lieberman got 1.92% of this (of course self-selected and thoroughly unrepresentative) poll of lefty-liberal Democrats.

    But then I saw that 42.01% said they’d “enthusiastically support” Lieberman if he won the Democratic nomination. Ugh. I’d hold my nose and support him, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be enthusiastic.

  2. I think Clark would have great appeal to centrists. And for all his fire-breathing, Dean actually has some, um, centrist cred too … he’s apparently a big fiscal conservative.

    You heard it here first: a Clark/Dean (heck, even Dean/Clark) would be an easy win over W. Dean appeals to those who like “outsiders” and Clark has impeccable defense credentials.

    I think you touched on the most important point, though … if non-Republicans are to have any chance of taking W outta the Whitehouse, they’re going to have to get together and, as Prentiss put it, hold their noses to vote for the Democrat, even if it is Lieberman.

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