I’ve written before about why I blog, but you probably knew that was a load of hooey. The real reason I keep a blog is because I hope to achieve wealth and fame through it.

So far, my success on the fame part has been limited, and the wealth part hasn’t been working out at all. Until now: I’ve received an offer for a “complimentary review copy” of what I am promised is an “entrancing novel.”

I’ve got a few reviews on epinions, and All Consuming but my guess is that I got this because of my blog–the book has a Japanese angle, and it would be too difficult to find reviewers on those sites with an interest in Japan (my profiles mention nothing about Japan). But contacting would-be reviewers on the basis of their blogs wouldn’t be a first.

Will I take them up on it? I haven’t decided, but I’m not inclined to. I prefer to choose my own reading.

2 thoughts on “Schwag”

  1. hey, just because someone suggests it doesn’t mean you’re not choosing it. After all, if I picked out a book I thought you might enjoy, you would probably at least consider reading it!

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