Fun with names

A fun pastime is inventing goofy names for bands–one of my favorite creations is “Jackal Overpass.”

Lately, Gwen and I have taken to coming up with silly names for drugs. A new competitor for Viagra? Rigiditrex, perhaps. Yesterday I saw an ad for some drug to relieve menstrual constipation. I can’t remember the actual name of the product, but we had a field day with that. My favorite: Period Colon Dash.

1 thought on “Fun with names”

  1. I did a contract back in the day for a company that did data mining for big pharma. The guy in charge of creating test data for the company thought the names of fake drugs he used were the funniest thing of all time. He’d bring them up at every possible occasion and kill himself laughing EVERY time. The only ones I remember are “Damitol” and “Galomine”, but I’m sure the others were no more witty.

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