Tuesday-night course ride

Got together for my first ride with both DuShun and Caeasar in over a year. DuShun took us on a loop he’s been riding–halfway to Buda, then east to Nuckol’s Crossing to make a circuit around the Tuesday Nighter course, and then back home on Slaughter Lane. 32 miles. After a long-ish hiatus from the bike, and a 30-miler the day before, I wasn’t feeling too perky, but with them taking it relatively easy, I managed to hang in there.

Afterwards I met Gwen and her gang at the Springs. Gwen convinced me to get into a yoga position to stretch out my bad hip. I tried to be a good sport and went along. I did not achieve enlightenment before my extremities fell asleep.

Today I am toast.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday-night course ride”

  1. Slaughter Lane? Y’all were in our neck of the woods, being as we’re, um, 4 miles north of the burg o’ Buda.

    Stop by and say hi next time yer in the neighborhood!

  2. Jenny–it’s not that the hip aches, it’s just that it has less flexibility than the other (which isn’t especially flexible, either). And Gwen has a vested interest in keeping me limber for the long term.

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