My music collection

I’ve written before about the problems with CD storage. My approach has been to put all my CDs in binders (which are fairly cheap on a per-CD basis), and rip them all as 192-Kbps MP3s to an external hard drive. So I have all my music accessible on my computer, which is nice.

4 thoughts on “My music collection”

  1. You are a very brave man to let the world know you have a Yes album. I don’t know what I would do if anybody discovered I’ve got a Spirogyra disc in my collection.

  2. Hey, man, I like Yes. And hate to break it to you, your secret is out.

    Anyhow, there’s much more incriminating stuff in there. You had the courtesy not to draw attention to my Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and Brent Spiner albums (no, I don’t have the Nichelle Nicols album).

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  4. Pingback: wrap me up in it

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