Not that again!

Hair-metal rock. Leg warmers. Tiered miniskirts. Mullets. And of course, a cretinous, right-wing president. The 80s? Yes, but apparently there are nefarious forces at work in the world today that want to make sure that those who are too young to remember (or appreciate the horrors of) the first go-round will get a chance to do so now. I’ve been seeing all this stuff around.

I remember during the 80s, an article in Esquire dubbed the 80s “the Re Decade” (in contrast to the 70s, which was “the Me Decade”), the point being that the 80s was recycling pop-culture from previous eras, especially the 50s. So we’re re-recycling now, which is fitting, since we’re re-redistricting.

Break out your headbands and fold your lapels up.

1 thought on “Not that again!”

  1. FINALLY I have an excuse to break out my skinny ties and clip-on suspenders.

    Best thing about the 80’s: The authenticity of the hacker/phreaker culture (i.e. NO SCRIPT KIDDIES… just a bunch of nerds playing…)


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